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  • Deftones Lhabia
    "Somewhere outside there are tricks and evil Holler downstairs while I drive I want to watch you buttercup Comming through the fog Dying of bordem, I'll try it all Sixteen olive Skin bound by a voice I"
  • Jackson Browne Lavender Windows
    "Lavender windows and burgundy doors Olive green pillows on ebony floors The lightest of wine Could have been mine It should have been mine Promises kept and promises broken They're all the same whether"
  • Fleet Foxes Meadowlarks
    "Meadowlark, fly away down I hold a cornucopia and a golden crown For you to wear upon your fleecy down A meadowlark sing to me Hummingbird, just let me dive Inside the broken ovals of your olive"
  • Midnight Oil Drop In The Ocean
    "Here comes the olive branch man He'll press it any way he can He tries so hard to understand Here comes the tired statesman Heavy lidded bearded nowhere left to land He makes the jigsaw fit With a hammer"
  • Pantera Living Through Me (Hells' Wrath)
    "I cannot take the take, Your condition was nod awake A selfish cryer, boldface liar, Robbing all of what you could take in Stabbed towards a death, A dirty smelling girl Shit decisions, no provisions, Filling"
  • Caroline Lavelle The Freeze
    "I'll meet you where the path meets the beach where the tree leans out over the water slender and tender olive green how can it survive the freeze? you smell of the trees you're the one of the forest the"
  • Will Oldham Fall And Raise It On
    "I went down to the ba hoo where the wed water flow and as the sill was glad the fellow buddled uh way de fade uh guh way de fade uh guh o sell me a peach o' the ba ho ate for the sake of all and wasted"
  • Black Francis Garbage Heap
    "On the garbage heap at the edge of the town How the flames do leap casting shadows around Have you seen my love? I know he is here Falling from above for so many a year I'll stay here with you I'll lay"
  • Joe Ely Run Preciosa
    "I saw her in the barrio In the town where the brothers fought Across the river from the Moorish Mosque That the Spanish Christians bought Her hair was dressed by Vesps Woven in the leather wind She grew"
  • Seals and Crofts Cows Of Gladness
    "(lyrics and music by James Seals, 1969) From the albums SEALS AND CROFTS (1969) and SEALS AND CROFTS I AND II (1974). Milk the cows of gladness, before they all run dry. Search the rim of madness, before"

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