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Paloma Napalona- szlagier maszyna

    "Pun-wi-gi sal-lyŏ O-mŏ sa-ram sal-lyŏ Let’s give it up Live it up baby Never, never na-p’al-ba-ji se-sang-i na-rŭl mwŏ-ra p’an-dan-hae-do kŭ-nyang sa-nŭn ‘gŏ-ya saeng-gin dae-ro na-p’al-ba-ji-rŭl rip-ko-sŏ tchak-ta-ri-rŭl"
  • - La Paloma Boys
    "When the sun shines on the mountain And the night is on the run It's a new day, it's a new way And I fly up to the sun, I can fell the morning sunlight I can smell the new born haze I can hear God's voice"
  • Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Paloma Faith
    "I'd tell myself you don't mean a thing, But what we got cannot hold on me? But when you're not there I just crumble I tell myself that I don't care that much, But I feel like I'm dying till I feel your"
  • Can't Rely on You - Paloma Faith
    "Help me How would you gon' do, no this way I work so hard for you everyday While you out, late night Girl, what you do? Chillin' with who? While I'm sitting at home Come on with it! I don’t know when"
  • Love Only Leaves You Lonely - Paloma Faith
    "They say it gets better But it's bittersweet You don't know how it feels To sleep like we used to be And your smell used to linger I need to wash our sheets I wander you'll remebmer me ... Love just"
  • Picking Up the Pieces - Paloma Faith
    "Do you think of her, When you're with me? Repeat the memories you made together, Whose face do you see? Do you wish I was a bit more like her? Am I too loud? I play the clown To cover up all these doubts Perfect"
  • Upside down - Paloma Faith
    "Angels watching over me With smiles upon their face Cause I have made it through this far In an unforgiving place It feels sometimes this hill's too steep For a girl like me to climb But I must knock those"
  • Smoke & Mirrors - Paloma Faith
    "I met you, we made a pact Broke promises the system snaps All your lights and neon lights are old Dicta-coated miracles and then one day the curtain called Behind your smile you're bony and a fake Give"
  • Broken Doll - Paloma Faith
    "I'm a broken doll and you're the puppeteer Take control for me and wipe away my fears I don't claim to be perfect I know I'm damaged goods But I wanna be led out of darkness just like every lady would Lick"
  • Stargazer - Paloma Faith
    "Ba da da, ba da da, ba da. He was a star collector, she knew about the skies. He was a tight-rope walker, she was the talk of the town. While he was in the clouds he'd show her the signs and he'd know"

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