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  • Prowling - Pain Teens
    "A raging beast that nothing will silence This dark hunger burning like a fire deep within me Its anguishing throb seems to overtake my body Penetrates every pore until it feels as if I could explode But"
  • Blood Lunar Cult - Diabolos Rising
    "White throats filled with burning fluid Blood-red angry rivers of life Boiled in the odors of sin Flowin with a mesmeric sound Like offsprings of primordial chants Blind by the uncoloured light Raging"
  • Death In Venice - Sine Macula
    "(Homage to the unconditional, free spirituality) Remember in the centuries these lifeless bodies What theyve not been able to see, Primordial game and mockery of the silly ones Save me from these damned"
  • Cosmic Revelation - Luca Turilli
    "Hyperspace to Neptune Quantum's based multi-cores Pax atomic starship cryogenic source Living new transistors Alpha et Omega so called New day for new frontiers Super Nova's leading force Welcome through"
  • Lusofonia - Martinho Da Vila
    "Eu gostaria de exaltar em bom Tupi As belezas do meu pas Falar dos rios, cachoeiras e cascatas Do esplendor das verdes matas e remotas tradies Tambm cantar em guarani os meus amores Desejos e paixes"
  • Eternidad - The Animals
    "Eternidad La pasión es premio a la eternidad, tenacidad, valor. El control es bsico, primordial, para alcanzar y alzar Las banderas de una nueva nación, con lealtad, verdad. Romper las caretas hipócritas,"
  • Evolution Is For Turkeys - Sons Of Ishmael
    "Swaggart's sermon also included an attack on Darwin's theory of evolution: "The most asinine, idiotic, stupid, illiterate lie that's ever been told is the poor lie of evolution - that 10 billion years"
  • Excessit - Spiral Architect
    "Lost in an orbit ride, climb onto your highest mountain, find the fountain Wandering through shadows, on and on Climb on higher find the fountain Fall into spirals of condemnation And sacrifice your past"
  • All Is Silent (1995) - On Thorns I Lay
    "The shade of love gives me your hallucination I need to endure the solitude, this awfull screaming To the sting of the atmost chaos, where the primordial wichness is so hideous for description ...Thundering"
  • Under Tv? Runor - Finntroll
    "Jag tog mina steg i gyttjans mark. Tusende korpar i mrker sky. Ett trsk med ddens skugga. Dr lg min hmndes stund. Inget gift mej drpa. Inga svekfulla rd. Spjutet med stjrnors prakt. Trollet med rymders"

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