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Psy- gangstam style

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Psy- gangstam style
  • Pachanga Hispano Style
    "INTRO Ya, Hispano Style Pachanga Todos juntos los latinos VERSE 1 We came from Puerto Rico Girls they love papasitos Tu ya sabes mi estilo Que pasa nena, I like your Style you look tide Nights of Gold,"
  • Sniper Hiphop style
    "Wesh Wesh c lord ko,Gal' Matt houston Lord Kossity: Gal',t'es sexy,viens voir Kossity Original workaman,dans la ville de Paris Neuf Trois Wine comme une vipre Si t'as le savoir faire T'inquites pas,y a"
  • Ann Beretta My Style
    "Left my baby standing, Left her all alone, Left her standing in the middle of the night Right down by the liqour store And that's alright Maybe it's just my style, Left her standing in the middle of the"
  • Kylie Minogue Cowboy Style
    "Shed my skin since you came in Where do you end and I begin? Awoke my senses yet you stopped time You took me to a deeper high The essence of my hopes and fears Creation of my muddled dreams Cowboy style"
  • Ola Polakowa Russian Style
    "Все подружки по парам сидят на Канарах, и всё им "на шару". Машины их на парковке, и я на остановке одна, блин, стою. Мне бы жить "в шоколаде", да с богатеньким дядей, как Вера и Надя. Но меня мама учила"
  • Superflea 60s Style
    "The lip gloss on your lips I couldn't hate it if I wanted I liked you hair so much tonight it had a 60s style baby,now that winter is gone I wrote a summer song "
  • DJ Aligator Doggy style
    "I'll make you woff like a dogwoff woff (x 4)I'll make you woff like a dogwoff woff (x 4)I've got a bone and you can chew itIf you like the doggy style baby we can do itI've got a bone and you can chew"
  • Mudhoney Execution Style
    "You got me on the chopping block Threatening to cut me up If that's the way you get your kicks Come on, make it clean and quick I don't care what you do I just want to get next to you Execution"
  • Emil Bulls Style School
    "Welcome to Style School Freshman No Family Values and no hooking up with you Can you see you falling oh no I Won't catch you I wish I could but I've got some lectures to do enrole Now and I will see"
  • Nesian Mystik Nesian Style
    "yo... Nesian Mystik ah come on uh wat uh *Chorus* (Te Awanui) Nesian Style is here, ladies beware Now tell me if you are down (are you down3x wat) When all the styles get down Polynesians all around"

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