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Psycho couple

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Psycho couple
  • XIII.stolet Mr. psycho
    "Hej Mistr Psycho, do noci kik Vidn barev, msce svit Ztracen soucit, polovic tve Mn se sla, dny kalende Psycho Hej Mistr Psycho, ocele n A tvoje chvle pchz u Svdom ztratil, zpocen tv Psychick dvojnk, najat"
  • Mr. T Experience Psycho Girl
    "She held me by the hand she said don't criticize what you don't understand she showed me her butcher knife said it taught her a lot about life. I'm stuck with the psycho girl I think I'm gonna get hurt"
  • The Fall Psycho Mafia
    "Spitting on the streets Numb heads and feet Nowhere to go Won't let us in the shows 'Cos we talk about love And the Psycho-Mafia I'm talking 'bout love And the Psycho-Mafia No soul in the discos No"
  • Black Sabbath Psycho Man
    "The midnight hour approaches The killing chill takes over him His victims will not know when he appears The lust of Death's possession Will overtake his psycho mind He won't be happy 'till he smells their"
  • Bust Psycho Girl
    "Shes so it, it scares me, I don't think, she likes me, And thinking of her name.. It's driving me insane! (Chorus) She's my psycho girl, my psycho girlfriend, Everything I say, she takes it the wrong way, She's"
  • Busted Psycho Girl
    "she's so weird it scares me i don't think she likes me. And thinking of her name is driving insane.... she's my psycho girl my psycho grilfriend, Everything i say, she takes it the wrong way. she's my"
  • Megadeth Moto Psycho
    "Responsibility, an anchor around my neck Dependability, made me a nervous wreck Accountability, I live from check to check Volatility, neglect and no respect Got my wheels in motion and I got a path to"
  • Ian Hunter Psycho Girl
    "(Honest John Plain) If I'd known then what I know now I'd do it all again 'cause I'm crazy and how About my mixed-up, messed-up pretty little Psycho Girl I should've given her a swift body swerve I didn't"
  • The Bates Psycho junior
    "I got mad I killed my dad I killed my mom I was their only son Now Im alone I aint got no home I aint got no one Because I killed my mom and Im PSYCHO really psycho I killed my mama ( I killed my mama)"
  • Unleashed Psycho Killer
    "I'm all that you want me to be Yeah, read about me soon I drink the blood of babies fresh I am impending doom I kill for pleasure yes I do Or is it out of greed? Another day, another death I'm what the"

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