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  • Mr. Prison Shanks - Made Out Of Babies
    "Everyone is staring at the screen get off your knees and go quietly I'm knocking at the door and scrambling into fits I hope that you turn out right Everywhere the sky is scaly gray get on your feet and"
  • Paper Boat - Papermill
    "sailing quietly, no icebergs heaving into sight only slightly worried over the waves but as they rose, they fell, true to their name sailing quietly, happy, trusting, serene was my radar broken? it did"
  • So Broken - Epicure
    "If I saw myself, crossing the road, I would put my foot down, slam it to the ground. I'd want it to hurt... It's what I deserve. And if I found myself drowning at sea, I would take the anvil that you"
  • Nightfall - Blind Guardian
    "No sign of life did flicker In floods of tears she cried "All hope's lost it can't be undone They're wasted and gone" "Save me your speeches I know (They blinded us all) What you want You will take it"
  • Aurora - The Carpenters
    "Morning opens quietly A shadow vision Over me I know you well Hidden by the window pane And all my sadness Gone charade Begins to fade How long it stayed Patterns of another day Awaken slowly Out of gray A"
  • Straight Jacket Fashion - Chevelle
    "Don't stand around So far, it's empty Just pull close these witnesses That follow, so trusting There they go By the way We last because we're colorful And as for fools, just play the opposite Cause quietly,"
  • Aignish (Translation) - Capercaillie
    "When day is over and life is done Mine eyes have closed and my strength has gone, O westwards take me and quietly lay me In Aignish graveyard beside the sea. There please leave me by kith and kin By parents"
  • Plants And Rags - PJ Harvey
    "plants and rags ease myself into a body- bag dreamt a man he fed me fine food, he gave me shiny things white and black are you looking for the sun boy? the sun doesn't shine down here, no, in shadow house"
  • Quiet These Paintings Are - Shape Of Despair
    "Quietly these colours will fade but soon they will be as one. For a moment i will stare into this deep saddened sea and will suffer the death's fright. Under these waves emotions lay, still never they'll"
  • Always Love - Addison Road
    "To make a mountain of your life Is just a choice But I never learned enough To listen to the voice that told me Always love, Hate will get you every time Always love, Don't wait til the finish line Slow"

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