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Róźowa pantera

  • Medicine Man - Pantera
    "Many distant miles away Past the shores of ever dark There stays a magic man Who bears an evil mark He helps all concerned Those who come again return Injecting lies while fires burn The devil's heart With"
  • Message In Blood - Pantera
    "There's a place that I keep deep inside me It can trigger my mind All along I knew it has been with me Since I was just a child I just summon power within my soul It has given me life, beyond life I take blame"
  • The Art Of Shredding - Pantera
    "Unity is a rare thing blind eyes of society bring The category of minority Now what are we supposed to be? born free to be Powerless to change the world With our lives in the hands of madmen Now in times"
  • Rock The World - Pantera
    "In these times Of confusion and sin We must redeem Our human ways This force that Fights to live Will fight Till it dies And rise again To save the day WE ALL ROCK THE WORLD WE ALL ROCK THE WORLD The"
  • Power Metal - Pantera
    "You say you want it loud I'll never turn it down You wanta feel my power Pound you in the ground I wanta give you fury Blow your head apart I'll leave you comatose From the very start You say you want"
  • We'll Meet Again - Pantera
    "I walk the Streets of darkness Where hell awaits Guarded by the mystery Just beyond the gates Searching for the answer Every man must find Before eternity beckons I will make you mine GOODBYE MYSTERY GOODBYE"
  • Over And Out - Pantera
    "Slaving for eternity Aiming for construction Wreckless crew abandon me Bringing on destruction Primal needs, annoying ways INCAPACITATION!!! A legacy of submankind Who seem to rule this nation Out of"
  • Proud To Be Loud - Pantera
    "Listen up good I got a lot to say I know what I want And I get my own way I call 'em as I see 'em I don't play by the book One dose of volume That's all it took I've seen it, I've done it I've heard it"
  • Down Below - Pantera
    "People runnin' In the street Looking for some Meat to eat It's in your Dirty magazines All across your TV screens Midnight Riders In the street Feel the fire Catch the heat You better go DOWN BELOW You"
  • Death Trap - Pantera
    "I see you runnin' You're gone A million miles away But you know I'm comin' Violenz that Blows you into space And you think You're gonna get away Like you did before But you're the type I never feel sorry"

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