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Redman Cant Wait clean

  • Clean - Helmet
    "Spread your mind the fish feed Don't ignore my speech my Heart bleeds Make yourself the perfect butt Some passing thought, I don't know what Don't remind me, I'll take What I need to Get back in"
  • Clean - Samiam
    "I'd Like to hide away Somewhere without light Somewhere dark and warm no given chance to lose Without a care in my head I could sleep right through I gave it all away today Thoes empty stares won't be"
  • Clean - Matt Nathanson
    "Am I pretty enough for you now that my ribs show through?With a little makeup I can look brand new, but can I be prettyenough for you?Fill me with secrets and I'll never tellfatten me up, and I'll feed"
  • So Fresh, So Clean (Remix) - Outkast
    "Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Sleepy Brown Ching-a-Ling, the ride is on me, cuz Ching-a-Ling, we're so fresh so clean Ching-a-Ling, we always make a seen, cuz we'ere Ching-a-Ling, so fresh so clean Ching-a-Ling,"
  • Betcha can't wait - East 17
    "Its two oclock in the morning babe I wanna call but I know its late But you left message on the phone to get back to you So Im calling you up, cause Im feeling kinda lonely And just for tonight you can"
  • I Ca'n't Wait - Brassy
    "I can't wait to shake this joint No, I can't wait to fully illustrate my point I can't wait to let it flow No, I can't wait to bring down the house with my microphone I can't wait I can't wait to indoctrinate No,"
  • I Can't Wait - Chieko Kawabe
    "nande mo ARI da yo ame datte fuku datte unmei ni kyou ga michibiku kara kareshi no kutsu ya ROKKUSUTA- na ishou demo yappa denwa ka ame wo matteru Life goes by Who knows why sekai ga mawatte kinou ni SAYONARA mou"
  • Wait For Me - Frank Sinatra
    "Wait for me my love my restless heart must roam Wait for me my love and i`ll be coming home. But now i cant change something strange roars me on My love cant you see i`m not free `till it`s gone. Wait"
  • Don't Wanna Wait - C21
    "Get this feeling when you are near Cant believe it The way you make me feel Ive been trying to fool myself But I cant deny it I never felt this way before I just cant hold it back no more Yeah yeah I"
  • Stop Wait Think - Nuclear Assault
    "People are dying every year For all of the stupidest things Boosting up a profit edge Never mind their safety Stop wait think Maybe what I'm trying to say Stop wait think Your hands aren't clean,"

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