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Rise Against Satellite

  • Satellite - Pigface
    "White lightning man Kill the night Bring the light for those who need to hide When your glowing known he stills the cold In psychic heat begin to fall apart Commit some social suicide You can run but never"
  • Satellite - Deine Lakaien
    "lanterns reflecting on the water signposts sent from the sky dark pillars threaten you on your way through the lands of your soul you are rolling in the midst of your sparkling universe not knowing if"
  • Satellite - Collective Soul
    "Soon a man will kneel to praySoon the light will burn our shadeAnd with the sweet the bitter fadesSo my heart and take your placeCause I will be your forceAnd I will be your rightAnd I will watch over"
  • Satellite - Steadman
    "Try not to want something else Step back and fall in line Look at yourself satellite Getting a taste of what we got Grabbing a second chance Now you've got wings to fly Spin me a rock a bye I had it sent"
  • Satellite - Lena
    "I went everywhere for you I even did my hair for you I bought new underwear they're blue and I wore it just the other day Love you know I'd fight for you I left on the porch light for you Whether you"
  • Satellite - Sugar Ray
    "Easy I'm gonna fade away I'm gonna find my way around Knee deep I get no where from sleep I'm running out of sheep to count Not right I sit alone at night And on the bed I write it out No time for giving"
  • Satellite - Santana (Feat. Jorge Moreno)
    "(Oh-Way-Oh!) Hey... Hey... (M-O-R-E-N-O-!) (Oh-Way-Oh!) If a world divides From the bittersweetness love provides... I will redefine my place within this union. If a word is a lie? And the better"
  • Satellite - Harry Styles
    "You got a new life Am I bothering you? Do you wanna talk? We share the last line Then we drink the wall Till we wanna talk I go round and round Satellite Spinning out, waiting for you to pull me in I"
  • Satellite - One Dollar Short
    "I found a photo of us today The memories they came flooding back Blowing out birthday candles I was dressed as superman and you were a shining star We would have only been in fourth grade My sweet blue"
  • Satellite - Barenaked Ladies
    "Worked out that I probably made a mistakeFor each thing I've done rightJust keeping it even at timesSeems to take every ounce of my mightI might've found gold instead of dustI might've found someone to"

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