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  • Strade Dell'Est - Franco Battiato
    "Carichi i treni che dall'Albania portano tanti stranieri in Siberia tappeti antichi mercanti indiani mettono su case tra Russia e Cina strade dell'Est. Spinto da i Turchi e dagli Iracheni qui fece campo"
  • The Christmas Song - Trace Aber
    "All I want for Christmas is 6 Doorknobs with 8 Chucky Cheese coins in a green Bag! (2x) Call me crazy But you're crazy Call me lazy Ok...you got a point there Oh well This is my Christmas Song! All I"
  • Incognation - Axamenta
    "(06/30/1908 A.D. - Tunguska area, Russia) I am the new disease I am a binary soul - burnt into flesh Conceived within a dimension past all comprehension I am Genesis... ...And Apocalypse I am a blueprint"
  • The moon - X-PERIENCE
    "I left the light on went out of my house and sat on the stairs the TV plays MTV from somewere else the moon will carry on goin' up and down forever the channel is changed again a voice of a man"
  • Airplane - Arai Akino
    "BERANDA wa BURUU no yuugata ame no sora Hikouki ga tobu tooku no harema no machi Airplane! Airplane! Airplane! Airplane! Kumo no kirema tesuri ni motarete Nishi e miokuru umi o koeru hikouki Danchi no"
  • To Be Human - Marina (Marina And The Diamonds)
    "the pagodas and the palaces dressed in gold leaf hide the damages spot the geisha as she balances life’s a cakewalk full of challenges go to Russia, see the red square Lenin’s body lying dead there from"
  • The Duke Of Dubuque - The Manhattan Transfer
    "THE DUKE OF DUBUQUE I'm known near and far as the cousin to the Czar I'm the Duke, Duke of Dubuque It's well understood that my credit is no good, no good, no good I'm the Duke of Dubuque And if you"
  • Angola Here I Come - Champion Jack Dupree
    "I feel sorry for the people, way over in Angola today I feel sorry for the people whooo, way over in Angola today Cause there's millions of people, ain't got no place to stay Everybody want their country,"
  • Roamer - Enrique Iglesias
    "(roamer, roamer) Hello, i'm coming at your town again How's about a night, how's about a flight supernova I know, i've been kinda hot and cold But you never go away, no matter what i say, In the mornings "
  • Old Men (Lay Down) - The Cross
    "Take a trip to China if you dare They gotta lotta old men shooting young men there Iran or Russia or the USA Old men lay down Lay down old man you've had your fun Lay down old man your time is run Lay"

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