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  • Ariel Pink Jules Lost His Jewels
    "C'est la vie, C'est la vie Comme ci, comme ca Alright, alright I named him Jules He stole my baby then he stole my heart I knew that he was a tiger Right from the start She plays rough with him 'Cause"
  • Ariel Pink Artifact
    "I am the son of the future 25 years from now Now think: try recalling the Golden Age when we heard these words for the first time Please come back to the exact spot we're at we're speaking right now Never"
  • Ariel Pink Bloody! (Bagonia's)
    "i'm satanic! i've hidden messages this thing has no right to commit suicide! go kill somebody oh and another go kill somebody! commit suicide die all over die! bloody.. commit bloody, bloody subliminal"
  • Ariel Rivera Sana Kahit Minsan
    "Bakit ikaw ang nais na matanaw nitong mga mata Tunay kayang nabighani ako sa taglay mong ganda Nais kong marinig malamyos mong tinig Na sa akiy aliw at tila ba itoy hulog pa ng langit Pag nakita ka"
  • Ariel Rivera Simple Lang
    "Simple lang naman ang nais Sa damdamin at sa isip Hindi ba't kay sarap ng buhay Kung simple ang dating Simple lamang sa pag-ibig Nang 'di laking gulo sa isip Kailangan mong maging tapat Ganyan kung"
  • Ariel Rivera Smile In Your Heart
    "I had a feeling That your holding my heart And i know that it is true You wouldn't let it be broken apart 'coz it's much to dear to you Forever we'll be together No one can break us apart For our love"
  • Ariel Pink Credit
    ""hi I was in here about 10 minutes ago? i just bought this boombox, it's playing at the totally wrong speed, uh, i don't want a refund, or..." "ah i'm sorry son.." "..can you just uh give me another one?" "" the"
  • Ariel Pink Life In L.A.
    "Life in L.A. Well, what can I say? It's a treasure to find So many ways to unwind You could be so lonely Life in L.A. is so lonely Is so lonely That way Yeah Life in L.A. Come on out if you're gay Make"
  • Ariel Pink The Drummer
    "Contrary to the law of the land Our little drummer, he started a band He wrote a beat with the tongue in his teeth Keeping time without tapping his feet Here comes the drummer, thunder 'n' summer Here"
  • Ariel Rivera Tunay Na Ligaya
    "'Di ko pansin ang kislap ng bituin 'Pag kapiling ka, sinta Kahit liwanag ng buwan sa gabi 'Di ko na masisita Iisa lang ang naghaharing tala sa mundo Tanging ikaw ang liwanag sa buhay ko... 'Di ko pansin"

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