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Seether Tonight

  • Tonight - George Michael
    "tonight do we have to fight again tonight? I just want to go to sleep turn out the light but you want to carry grudges oh, nine times out of ten oh, I see the storm approaching long before the"
  • Tonight - REO Speedwagon
    "It's all on my shouldersAnd it was gettin harder to bearEach day I was gettin olderAnd I was startin to show the wearTonight I'm gonna get it allGonna lay my work on the shelf?Tonight, tonight, I'm comin"
  • Tonight - David Bowie
    "I saw my baby She was turning blue I knew that soon Her young life was through And so I got down on my knees Down by her bed And these are the words To her I said Everything will be alright tonight Everything"
  • Tonight - Westlife
    "Lately I'm so tired If I took it all out on you I never meant to If I left you outside If you ever felt I ignored you Know my life is all you So put your best dress on And wrap yourself in the arms of"
  • Tonight - Silk
    "To-to-to-to (Yeah, umm) To-Tonight (Um hmm, umm hmm) Tonight, gonna get some baby Get some (What, what) Tonight gonna get some (Check me) Get some tonight I remember when we used to Get freaky, babe I"
  • Tonight - Adrienne Camp
    "In this time I know I need to be more broken Then I find I feel this passion grow To face all that's been lost It's not too late to give control now I don't know why I wait You're always calling me Tonight I"
  • Tonight - Damone
    "I got my radio on behind the box of my cereal And it's a pretty cool song for bringing me back to life I got my Kangaroos on, on my way to go visit you Cause you been doing me wrong, but that doesn't matter"
  • Tonight - Terra Naomi
    "I am driving in a canyon Don't know where i'm going Don't know who i am Going with I made it easy to leave me Not knowing I made it easy to quit me I think that once you told me Once i tasted salty tears I'd"
  • Tonight - Xmal Deutschland
    "Oh don't, don't cry a tear when you're alone with all your fears Oh I, I'll be with you if you are sad and feeling blue 'cause I give you hope and I show you love I give you all I can't get"
  • Tonight - Ken Laszlo
    "To-To-To-Tonight To-To-To-To-To-Tonight Tonight, Tonight We try to know and take it just like tonight Let your feeling riding over the flies To make your joy, well, enjoy yourself Don't give up the pleasure"

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