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Shame, omd

  • Shame - ABS Breen
    "The first time I laid my eyes on youYou know thatGirl you know I had toShe had the honey called lips fired upI had to drop top, six crawled upThat sounds like we was meant to girlYou were send toFrom up"
  • Shame - Depeche Mode
    "Do you ever get that feeling When the guilt begins to hurt? Seeing all the children Wallowing in dirt Crying out with hunger Crying out in pain At least the dirt will wash off When it starts to"
  • Shame - Good Riddance
    "Minutes, running down the drain This is where our lives go This is where we stay In a job that really pays So much like the first step Maybe just a misstep Maybe just a phase, just a phase What am I supposed"
  • Shame - Gino Vanelli
    "The city's burning with desireHigh-heeled chicks turnin' tricks in a trancePin-stripe zombies on fireSayin' hey baby, here's a dime for a dance(out on the street)I see innocent faces in the rain(out on"
  • Shame - Basic Element
    "Everybody feels the same way, yeahI know you feel it nowI know you feel itTalk to me and I will be there, yeahI know you want it nowI know you want itWhile as long as it hurtsWhen you boys just playing"
  • Shame - Tony Lucca
    "you make me smile, you make me sad every dream ive ever had now im without you baby nothings the same took awhile, it took some time took an honest man to find the truth deep inside this broken heart now"
  • Shame! - Big Daddy Kane
    "There's no myth or fable about the pimpin' at your label What goes on under the table, why you think your deal is so unstable? Now, whose the macaroni, A&R's acting phony Once you make the matrimony, then"
  • Shame Shame - From First To Last
    "If ignorance is bliss Eradicate my knowledge of my history Now meaning is left on my own I look for a long time Cross back with your kind But some things are better left alone Wake up, lonely, hating my"
  • Shame Shame - Foo Fighters
    "if you want to ill I make you feel something real just to bother you now i got you under thumb like a drug i will smoother you I'll be the one Be the moon Be the sun Be the rain in your song Go and put"
  • Shame - Dri
    "No blacks, no whites, no Ku Klux Klan Orientals, Mexicans No guns, no bombs, national front No greed, no hate, no government No smog, no filth, no factories No more cities to keep clean No locks, no gates,"

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