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Simple Plan - Jet Lag

  • Simple - India Arie
    "Now that you're right here, Let me whisper in your ear Now that you're listening, Let me tell you how I feel I've been trying to formulate The perfect words the perfect way I can't hold it back no more I"
  • Simple - Katy Perry
    "You're such a poet I wish I could be Wesley Willis My words would flow like honey Sweet and laid on thick You're so edgy You don't even need a rhyming dictionary I wipe my hands on your jeans Cause they"
  • Simple - Aaron Pritchett
    "Through a taxi window You see her wipe her tears Then drive away As the tail lights fade All at once the struggles seem so small It's not that complicated after all If you can't smile when she's not around If"
  • Simple - Okay
    "All that I need from you is love You said it's simple, all I need from you is love I pray each time I leave your l-oven on. All that I give to you is love You said it's simple, all I give to you is love I"
  • Simple - China Drum
    "China Drum Miscellaneous Simple It never was that simple, the feelings in my head To try to rearrange the things that I have done and said It never was that easy, trying to contend With the anger surging"
  • Simple - Donots
    "Your back's to the wall, you've got something to lean on It can't be all that bad When you're down on the ground, you can't fall much further down So get back on your feet instead Hope dies last Put yourself"
  • Simple - Yellow Second
    "a simple song about anything but what I would normally sing about all smiles and a catchy tune and pretty soon I'll forget I'm here I know these things work out you're weeping, I'm keeping these secrets"
  • Simple - Even All Out
    "Out of the dark I step With my life in my hands but can't hold on tight enough While trying to understand How to figure things out where I'll be in the end So i'll just step back To see what I'm lacking Caught"
  • Simple - Jebediah
    "I know What I've found What I've found I know It's nice It feels cool It's how it should Simple Lately I've felt so great You're the best drug I take My head has gone crazy What have you done to"
  • Simple - Company Flow
    "I'm wild with a dosage character closely cut from a fabric that's ferocious with a misanthropes motive and a quote that drips from a slit throat livid and sickly corroded, fuck it I'm precocious first"

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