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Slippery migos

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Slippery migos
  • Race The Sun Vanity Score
    "Perfection, We cannot live as prophets We cannot sleep tonight Given life's breath Everyday's a privilege Nipping at our heels Attempting to lead us off these cliffs Heartache navigate We're taking the"
  • Zug Izland Just A Dream
    "Are you climbing up the slippery pole falling deep in a hole are you lost in a exitless maze chasing impossible ways are you running up a slippery hill are you going to spill cant you build a snowman"
  • Race The Sun The Vanity Score
    "perfection, we cannot live as prophets we cannot sleep tonight given life's breath everyday's a privilege nipping at our heels attempting to lead us off these cliffs heartache navigate we're taking the"
  • Jah Cure Sticky
    "Oh yeahhhhhhh! Jah Jah we pray, Yep yep yep yep yep yeah Father we seek your blessing Everyday our children cry, Although some of us are missing Restore life up for I and I Father we seek your blessing"
  • Townes Van Zandt Snake Song
    "by Townes Van Zandt You can't hold me I'm too slippery I do no sleepin' I get lonely you can touch me if you want to I got poison I just might bite you Lie in circles on the sunlight shine like diamonds on"
  • Primus Arnie
    "The man he stepped up to the microphone and he gave it a kiss. It was a big wet, slippery kiss. And he had sweat dripping off of his nose onto the windscreen. As he looked out over the audience he said, God"
  • 2nd Chapter Of Acts The White Stag
    "Saw him runnin' thru the Western Wood A very rare sight to see He can make your wishes good If brought into captivity So hi-ho away we go Off to capture our wish Hi low the white stag goes Slippery as"
  • Kevin Ayers Banana Hymn
    "When it comes to discussing bananas, I am moved to extravagant praise; For the banana is firm and substantial, And may be used in a number of ways. With more presence than leeks or asparagus, And more"
  • Neil Young Sweet Joni
    "Sweet Joni from Saskatoon There's a ring for your finger It looks like the sun But it feels like the moon Sweet Joni from Saskatoon Don't go, don't go too soon. Who lives in an old hotel, Near the ancient"
  • Townes Van Zandt The Snake Song
    "By townes van zandt You can't hold me I'm too slippery I do no sleepin' I get lonely You can touch me If you want to I got poison I just might bite you Lie in circles On the sunlight Shine like diamonds On"

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