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Something I've done, why

  • I've Done Everything For You - Sammy Hagar
    "This one way love affair ain't fair It ain't no kind of fair to me It's all give and take, and you just take And I can't take it, you see Well, I'm givin' up on love this time Me and my friends, we'll"
  • I've done everything for you - Rick Springfield
    "This one way love affair ain't fair, it ain't no fair to me It's all give and take and you just take I can't take it you see Well, I'm givin' up on love this time Me and my friends, we'll do just fineI've"
  • Done You Wrong - Aaron Pritchett
    "Here we are again and you sure look fine You smile at me and the sparks just fly I can't understand why this is taking so long Somebody must have really done you wrong Cause every time I reach for you, You"
  • Said And Done - Engineers
    "In theory we're the same No great shame Though we're poles apart From here to here knows when Can't understand Why you think this way Stood firm and took the strain Of every day With the same old chores Obsessive"
  • Look At What I've Done - Chris Cagle
    "I saw it in her eyes when I was sayin', "Goodbye" That girl, she ain't gonna be alright 'Cause I could tell that she'd be goin' through a livin' hell And I, I wouldn't be there by her side And Lord I felt"
  • Tell Me What I've Done - Kingdom Come
    "The first time I had seen her face It struck me very hard As I walked up to ask her out She got right in my car A minute later I went on Do you care for sex She replied don't hesitate But only cash or"
  • Done Me Wrong - Shakra
    "You turned away and left Me all on my own I've tried to call you but You don't take the phone My hand is aching from the letters I've sent Been going crazy since you packed your things And went Are you"
  • Said And Done - Skye
    "Can it be simple, just as they so, to let it go? Could be easy as ABC, 123? Is it possible at all to move on and not look back? Not to dwell not to think of how it could've been Between me and you? Much"
  • Tell Me What I've Done - Howlin' Wolf
    "Oh you said I hurt your feelings, but you won't tell me what I done Oh you said I hurt your feelings, but you won't tell me what I done And if I done hurt your feelings, some kinda way, God knows I didn't"
  • What I've Done (Croatian Translation) - Linkin Park
    "U ovom rastanku Nema krvi Nema alibija Jer sam provukao aljenje Istine Tisuću lai (Pre-Chorus:) Pa neka milost doe I opere to sam uinio (Chorus:) Gledam se Da izbriem to sam postao Obrisati sebe I pustiti"

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