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Starring Joe Janiak - Directed, Shot

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Starring Joe Janiak - Directed, Shot
  • Lenny Kravitz It's Enough
    "45 caliber on the face shot him in the head beacause of his face now that he is dead well we plead his case? while the executioner’s out on grace? I just thought somewhat that things would get better it’s"
  • Eddie & The Hot Rods Teenage Depression
    "Well I'm spending all my money and its going up my nose My Daddy's found me out and he's tearing up my clothes My probation man says you know you ought to quit I said now don't you hang me up now with"
  • Diddy We Gon' Make It
    "(feat. Jack Knight) Baby this is your last dance; you know how you do it There's no nigga like you and there'll never be another nigga like you Put your foot on these motherfuckers necks Do it to 'em"
  • Taylor Swift Getaway Car
    "No, nothing good starts in a getaway car It was the best of times, the worst of crimes I struck a match and blew your mind But I didn't mean it And you didn’t see it The ties were black, the lies were"
  • Epica Kingdom Of Heaven
    "Pioneering, big breakthroughs Proceeded by the opposition Hold in derision all that's new Afraid to lose their own esteem Scorn shall be directed at the genius Represses subtle theories of the light to"
  • Krzysztof "Zalef" Zalewski Solo Act Aftermovie (cover Talking Heads - Burning Down the House)
    "Watch out you might get what you're after Cool babies strange but not a stranger I'm an ordinary guy Burning down the house Hold tight wait till the party's over Hold tight We're in for nasty weather There"
  • Future Undefeated (ft. Lil Keed)
    "I got that tool when I walk out that door got some head in the coupe and I let off in her nose I got some bougie chick holdin’ my chopper I got some bougie chick doin’ my chores I got some bougie chick"
  • Lil Pump Pose To Do (ft. French Montana & Quavo)
    "there he go ohh you already know who it is lil pump lil pump bless trap montana mally mall what i’m supposed to so? what i’m supposed to so? what i’m supposed to so? what i’m supposed to so? I am surrounded"
  • Blue Cafe Talk To Me Now (ft. La Graine)
    "this is the sign when i see you, boy I get so wild this is the sign when I am with you, boy I feel alive! let’s play the game of love that’s why I kiss you I never miss my shot let’s win the game of love so"
  • Gunna Baby Birkin (Starring Jordyn Woods)
    "wheezy outta here i know my purpose European car it came whit curtains I have daughter I am buying her baby Birkin fucked her good and got her legs hurtin found our wave and got them Ms early southside"

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