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Straight otta compton

  • Straight Life - Therapy?
    "Fucker! My tongue is twisted from talking My feet are blistered from walking alone My head is bursting with thoughts And every bruise feels so familiar This city's buzzing with bastards Cancer tans"
  • Straight Line - Crosby, Stills & Nash
    "Looking around it's plain to see So many people trying to be Just what they want and who's to say They'll never get there someday Walk in a straight line Walking in a straight line Hard times Walking"
  • Straight Talk - Yoko Ono
    "You say you're well and satisfied, But your body tells me something else. What is it, baby? tell me, tell me, Speak up, give it to me straight Or we'll never know what you think or what you want. She"
  • Straight Boys - Jeffree Star
    "Straight boys, where you at? I'm a boyfriend kleptomaniac. Straight boys, where you at? I wanna boy with juicy lips. Who doesn't care I don't have tits. I wanna boy like me but hotter. To eat me out like"
  • Straight Drop - DJ Unk
    "(feat. Dem Franchize Boyz) I keep that drop for the low-low, weigh it ship it out the do' Stuff 'em into [?] stashed around the 24 Hit the road, hit the flows, bend that in a minivan TV cameras in the"
  • I'm Straight - The Modern Lovers
    "I called this number three times already today But I.. I got scared, I put it back in place (I put my phone back in place) I still don't know if I, should have called up Look... just tell me, why, don't"
  • Straight Up - Lee Hyori
    "nado mollae jagu guyehgeh gakkaee nae soneh banjil paego dagagassuh do gakkaee do guyehgeh dagaga nae aneh non sarajyeo borindut gu eui sonul monjeo jabgoyah marassuh nawa hamgeh hajago naegeh malhaetsuh norur"
  • Be Straight - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "I dont believe you should live by the rules, I dont wanna listen when life's so cruel, We're not sorry for things we do and my advice to you...OW I never listen to things they say, Cuz what you hear it"
  • Straight Shooter - Molly Hatchet
    "Oh baby I got to tell you something Your lies and your alibies been driving me crazy Oh shoot it Rock and roll thats my game Fast cars, prety women, fortune and fame Who when it comes to live music and"
  • Straight Up - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
    "Hey bartender I got a lover but it's not what it seems Pour me a drink if you know what I mean Don't mix it up, gimme straight what you got I don't want it on the rocks I want my lovin straight up"

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