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Supertramp - Babaji

  • An Awful Thing To Waste - Supertramp
    "So maybe you could do with a break You've had about all you can take You need to find somewhere you can run to Somewhere a long way from here Somewhere where the skies are all clear Somewhere you can"
  • Still In Love - Supertramp
    "You've been lyin' I've been cryin' You've been messin' I've been guessin' 'bout you You've been cheatin' I've been creepin' around You've been leavin' I'll be grievin', I'm grievin' But I'm still in love"
  • No Inbetween - Supertramp
    "So pardon me boys I'm gonna be late I don't have the choice I've got to get into shape It's eight on the nose And I gotta go So pass me my coat I've got to get to the show Ain't got no feeling Ain't"
  • Brother Where You Bound - Supertramp
    "There's a red cloud hanging over us And it's so big and it's gonna burst All you people with your heads in the ground Hey brother, where you bound? And they're no good and they're everywhere Try to tell"
  • Ever Open Door - Supertramp
    "Sharing's good, sharing's fine But no one wants to share this world of mine Is dull, dark and grey And no one wants to find the way To my front door is always open to you Hey now life, give me a break For"
  • Crazy - Supertramp
    "Here's a little song to make you feel good Put a little light in your day These are crazy times And it's all been getting pretty serious Here's a little song to make you feel right Send the blues away Well"
  • Put On Your Old Brown Shoes - Supertramp
    "Put on your old brown shoes Right on your feet Time to move on, get away You know you paid your dues Did all you could Time to move on, no more to say You and me, we're helpless can't you see We've got"
  • It's Raining Again - Supertramp
    "It's raining again Oh no, my love's at an end. Oh no, it's raining again and you know it's hard to pretend. Oh no, it's raining again Too bad I'm losing a friend. Oh no, it's raining again Oh will my heart"
  • Bonnie - Supertramp
    "Your silver nights and golden days I try to reach you in a million ways I'm crazy 'bout you Bonnie Can you tell? Your diamond rings and fancy clothes Do I want you babe, well heaven knows I'm wild about"
  • Know Who You Are - Supertramp
    "Know who you are There's a world wants to know you Know where to go... There's a world wnats to touch you Feel all you can... Let your heart speak and guide yu Don't be afraid... Of the love deep inside"

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