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TLC Waterfalls

  • Come Get Some (Feat. Lil Jon Young bloodz) - TLC
    "featuring Lil' Jon & Sean Paul) We gon' start this thing off right (say what?) We got the Dirty South in the house tonight We gon' start this thing off right (say what?) We got the ATL in the house"
  • His Story - TLC
    "Yo, this is a story of a male female threat to society You know being misjudged and not respected for what we are But I want to send this special shout out to my girl Tawana Brawley Cause no matter what"
  • This Is How It Should Be Done - TLC
    "This is how is should be done This is how it should be done comin' out of the black shade Fightin' to lighten a path made back Let's go way back to the beginnin' That's when an idea took part from the"
  • Shout - TLC
    "What's up ya'll (Owwww) It's Left Eye on the track (Owwww) My girl T-Boz over to my left (Owwww) Chilli is on my right (Yeah) We gonna teach ya'll to shout (Owwww) Unhh (Owwww) Check it out (Owwww, yeah) What's"
  • Kick Your Game (Remix) - TLC
    "Featuring Craig Mack & Jermaine Dupri (Jermaine Dupri, Manual Seal, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes) 1994 So So Def, EMI April Music Inc. Full Keel, Air Control Music TizBiz Music, Pebbitone Music (ASCAP) Yes Yes Can"
  • FanMail - TLC
    "Welcome We've dedicated our entire album cover To any person who has ever sent us fan mail This is a journey into life, love And the future of music (fan mail) TLC would like to thank you For your support"
  • Girl Talk - TLC
    "You see I had this brother who was mad at me Cuz I told my home girl that he wasn't packin' Told the truth so I really don't give a damn That I spilled the beans on his little short stem man (oh) Some"
  • What About Your Friends (Extended Remix) - TLC
    "(Dallas Austin, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes) What about your friends What about What about your friends What about what about Every now and then I get a little crazy That's not the way it's supposed to be Sometimes"
  • Reversal Of A Dog - TLC
    "The laface cartel featuring tlc (appears on the boomerang soundtrack) Bow wow wow yippie-yo-yippie-yay Bow wow yippie-yo-yippie-yay Bow wow wow yippie-yo-yippie-yay Bow wow yippie-yo-yippie-yay Cadillac"
  • Hands Up (Remix) - TLC
    "Hands up, what Hands up, what Hand-hands up, what Hands up, get your hands up, what This goes out to my ATL crew If you feel it like I do Do it all day, do it all night You know how it goes On and on"

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