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Tante muda

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Tante muda
  • Bat For Lashes A Wall
    "From inside his mouth I licked the blood but he is roaring and biting I wash off the mud Because the tempest is out to wrestle the wild stop charging my darling, come closer be quiet Cause when you see"
  • Giardini di Mirò There's a place
    "We, we will fall in the shadow of our embrace that is a cross, it’s full of fear, emptiness, and... love we, we will fall in the shadow of motel light that is a cross, it’s full of fear, emptiness, and..."
  • Little Mix Going Nowhere
    "Sick of you playing on the xbox thing you’re never gonna get me with the diamond ring look at you, so confused no you dont have a clue I bet u think u got me good So tell me, when’s the last time you"
  • Green Day Angel Blue
    "Gonna build it up just to burn it down! You're the princess i'm a fucking clown! Stop the presses cause i'm feelin' time! Won't you be my bloody valentine? You're just a fucking kid and no one ever gives"
  • Tizano Ferro Per Dirti Ciao
    "Magari un giorno avremo un posto anche nascosto oppur distante dalle tante astanterie in cui riposano gli amori ormai in disuso, quelli non storici, di cui nessuno parlerà. E rivela il tuo sorriso in"
  • Nelly Furtado Parking Lot
    "You caught me off guard, you know Hey I'm wasting my judge Don't know if you can hold me but, I gotta honor it yeah Depending on the minute and depending on the hours I guess I got some time to waste so We"
  • Big Boi She Said Ok. (Feat. Theophilus London & Tre Luce)
    "Let me see your titties let me see your titties she said okay, okay now let me see your p**sy, lately now let me see your p**sy she said okay, okay We’re acting free nigga fan throw your money in the"
  • Teresa Salgueiro A Estrada
    "Deixei P’ra trás A Terra Mãe Se calhar, não vou voltar Ainda não te encontrei Sou A minha casa Os passos que dei Já vai rompendo a alvorada E eu não pertenço a ninguém Sigo esta estrada Onde comecei A"
  • Mirel Wagner No Death
    "My baby has a swollen face long stiff limbs them eyes are black pits of a place where I've been her hair is long still smells like mud she answered to my kiss with a rotten tongue no death can tear us"
  • Artillery Mi Sangre (The Blood Song)
    "Look beyond the lost horizon See what's lurking in the dark You can follow if you want to Open up your heart Take a walk into the garden Smell the flower of despair Taste the bitter fruit of evil But"

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