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The Cab - Lock Me Up

  • Black Cab Motorcade - State Radio
    "Well indeed you lost your friend On the south side of where you live Heard the call and had to leave Boarded up windows burned out brick Oh please don't you get A little know fact about the place you set It's"
  • Taxi cab confession - 40 Below Summer
    "Close your eyes and come with me to a new placewhere we are unstoppableInhale and let the smoke fill your lungs and breath the impossibleAnd as we follow these foot prints a new world will beginCan you"
  • Lock Up The Wolves - Dio
    "In the houses of the holy To the middle of the mystic sea At the cradle of the world There's a black cat screaming And it's not even midnight, no At the cradle of the world They're screaming for sanctuary They're"
  • Lock & Key - Joe Henry
    "Holy cow, look what you've done You've got me now so I can't speak; I wonder how you turned out the stars I hear your laugh Like falling railway cars, Far and away, peaking through the bars Safe behind"
  • Lock-Keeper - Stan Rogers
    "You say, "Well-met again, Lock-keeper! We're laden even deeper that the time before, Oriental oils and tea brought down from Singapore." As we wait for my lock to cycle I say, "My wife has given me a son." "A"
  • Lock & Load - Her Nightmare
    "Stand tall, side by side, there's no fear in our eyes, we're owed so much, We're not gonna let it die, you talk of pain, but what have you felt, Compared to the emptiness we've felt through all our lives. Now"
  • Scissor Lock - Dredg
    "I think I'm awake Rolling on my blanket I am sinking into the bed Light around me Beautful washes of pulsating color Buzzing white noise It sounds like one hundred bees I too once thought the radio played Let's"
  • Dred Lock - Me'Shell Ndegeocello
    "Let me run my fingers through your dred locks Run them all over your body 'til your hollor stops As in life they grow a high on high Ooh! How I love a black man oh my my Lay your body down to give yourself"
  • Lock You Up N' Love Fa Days/ - Maxwell
    "He told you stories he told you lies oh He made you bend made you compromise The light that lives way deep down inside Brought you tears caused you fears Love wasn't cool You never knew about the others"
  • Lock, Stock And Teardrops - k.d. lang
    "(Roger Miller) Someday I won't come runnin' When you call The way you hurt me It's a wonder I'm still here at all Someday you'll wake up And you'll find yourself alone Lock, stock and teardrops I'll"

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