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Toto Cutugno Tol'ko my

  • Only You - Toto
    "Waiting for you again Seems like this never ends I close my eyes and I see your face And I see it all fading away Woke up before you again You're still asleep I can't pretend I feel like I'm losing you And"
  • Open Your Heart - Toto
    "Smoke-colored l.a. sky. hand covers up your sleepless eyes. as morning creeps in. passed out there on my couch. wearing the face of down and out. my long lost friend. three cups of coffee and yo Be on"
  • Till The End - Toto
    "I know what's on your mind Let's lay it on the line All the things were missin' Look I just came back to town Drink that green dragon down It's time for me talk and you to listen I know my heart, I know"
  • Can't Get Next To You - Toto
    "(B. Strong, N. Whitfield) I can turn your gray sky blue I could make it rain whenever I wanted to I can build a castle from a single grain of sand I can make a ship sail on dry land But my life is"
  • Angela - Toto
    "Can't eat, can't sleep Can't seem to find time anymore Somewhere she weeps Her hair gently brushes the floor I know my way I know that I'll find her somehow Angela carries me back to the time When I knew"
  • Taint Your World - Toto
    "Screaming at the sun I t have spilled a little moonshine on my head Didn't have to run, but there was no one left behind 'cept for the dead I didn't see it comin', but that rummy-stilted crackpot knew"
  • Drive A Crooked Road - Toto
    "Cruisin' down the street Got the glaze in my eyes Lookin' for a thousand reasons why I don't want to be here I don't want to die What was I thinking we should have known All the lights are one But there's"
  • Hate Everything About You - Toto
    "Night after night, day after day. I pass by the house that once was our home. I look through the windows, I lean on the bell. there's a light but there's no sign of you. the stranger's new car i Driveway"
  • The Turning Point - Toto
    "I went down to the highway That runs between love and pride And I tried to get sideways Across the great divide But my mind's eye's on the key ring Crying in misery 'Cause it won't spend one more evening"
  • No End In Sight - Toto
    "The curse of blood Falls upon this nation I was my hands And hang my head in shame I pray for peace And forge the crooked valley This dreader fear Held prisoner inside me Chorus I search the stars, still"

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