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U2 Bono

  • Bone China - Kristin Hersh
    "Living this close to the boneI can't get homeUm, no just panickingDid you hear the phone?Bone chinaChrist this is not smartI would think you'd be happyTo be reminded of whereYour body is in spaceBut you"
  • Bone China - Mother Love Bone
    "In the morning She gone crazy With a painted picture Her father's story (oh yeah) Bone China - my friends Bone China - let the summer come again I said oh oh - She be dancing by the moonlit sky I'm talkin'"
  • Bone bag - Blur
    "When you see in see you dancing Own reflection was never bent Be a man can shake you bone bag One day up is another down I don't want to hurt,no not ever No not ever This is my street,I stay here and sleep"
  • Bone Song - Timesbold
    "if you can catch a star throw it in the stream and ride it to the end when you reach the end throw it in a hole and jump into the stream there you'll find a girl put her in your hair and crawl into the"
  • Bone Orchard - Pacifier / Shihad
    "get the sinking feeling you're behind my head again and the more I weed, the more it grows and here I am, hung by my toes the time spent set in cement spent wasting my time when i could have been pulling"
  • Bone Bomb - Eno, Brian
    "My body So thin So tired Beaten for years Ploughshare to bomb So hard Bonebomb Bonebomb Bonebomb My town So dusty So dry Buildings pushed over Lives heat together Young girls dreaming of beautiful"
  • Bons Amigos - Angela Maria
    "D6(9/11+) Diz que vai sumir Bm7/9 E7/13 Finge no me ouvir A7+ A6/9 Briga por brigar Am7 O amor passou D7(9/4) D7/9 O melhor passou G7+ G6 Fala por falar F#m7/5- Diz"
  • Feather & Bone - Suzanne Vega
    "You said, come with me And so I did I thought I could take All your sorrow I thought I could hold it all I never imagined Your oceans So bitter The killing The falling The slaughter Of feather and bone. I"
  • Bons Momentos - Inimigos Da HP
    "So seus olhos, sua boca O teu cheiro na minha roupa So lembranas, bons momentos Paixo que ficou no ar! Como eu queria pelo menos te ver, de longe Como eu queria pelo menos te ter,por perto Voc passou"
  • Mista Bone - Great White
    "(Kendall, Niven, Desbrow, Montana) That girl is just a cool good looker That baby's sweeter than raw brown sugar Never mind cause the fancy took her She says she wants to let the small head rock her What"

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