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Wiersz pt,,Radość''

  • Ohio (Pt 2) - Bowling For Soup
    "Hello...Hello..Hello...Hello..Hello! Wooo....... Move around kids.. Bill Parcells wants...What?..Start Over 1...2...3.. Lawrence Whittaker wants you back (He's got a lazy eye) Mike Judge wants you back Debbie"
  • Bloodsucker, Pt. Ii - As Cities Burn
    "well, it's yours you can have it if it means that much to you don't let me stop you don't let me stop you now and stretch me out across the table and turn my insides out turn me into someone else someone"
  • Flamboyant Pt. II - Big L
    "(feat. Royal Flush) Yo we gon explain something right now It's Royal Flush and Big L we gon let y'all know bout my niggaz comin out Queens most my doggs ... right Yo check it A Yo the way I feel for"
  • Wejusfreestylin' pt. 2 - Gym Class Heroes
    "If he were recording right now then he would be getting all this then we startyo we should have a freestyle track on thishit 'em off with somethingspit a verse, travis, spit a versequit picking your nosefuck"
  • Why pt.2 - Collective Soul
    "In the air I'm tasting your perfectionForgive me dear for my misdirectionAs I crawl beneath this torture you adoreI fall face to face with my scars you've ignoredSo tell me why it don't feel the sameTell"
  • Dancefloor Pt. 2 - Youngstown
    "Uh, come on, Youngstown, get down, get down There's no reason why the two of us should be alone Baby come and let me show you what you came here for Baby girl I'm tired of waitin for your favorite song You"
  • Future Pt 1 - Voxtrot
    "Late summer sky, two colors deep, three wide and a third all by And set to try to take away the shadows from your eyes You shift and sigh, do we live fully grown when we learn to cry? This is why I never"
  • Pt. IV - Judge - Spock's Beard
    "This is the story of a guy named Sid Who lost his heart when he was just a kid Don't judge him on the things that he did This is the story of a guy named Sid Just how far will any one man go Can you turn"
  • Pt. VI - Change - Spock's Beard
    "I can't help the way that I am Cause it was you that made me You never offered to lend a hand So I did it for myself I did it for myself I know there's something missing Got to find a way to make it happen It's"
  • Respect Pt 3 - Sole
    "Banging rocks together makes sunshine Banging heads with rocks 'till blood comes: the writing process Everything has diapers on and smells like It's time for a change Or for some holes in the flag My whole"

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