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  • Bullet - Mat Kearney
    "Yesterday I was sitting recalling reminiscing Trying to remember whenever there was nobody listening Before the hugging and the kissing, the booing and the hissing All I had was just a vision, all I had"
  • All I Need - Mat Kearney
    "Here it comes it's all blowing in tonight I woke up this morning to a blood red sky They're burning on the bridge turning off the lights We're on the run I can see it in your eyes If nothing is safe then"
  • Poor Boy - Mat Kearney
    "Like a breath of fresh air and the wind at my back Toe to heel with strong strides taking miles off the map In this journey called life where I've walked so far Under the heat of your sun and the shine"
  • Can't Break Her Fall - Mat Kearney
    "She says today is gonna be the last one I know there's never gonna be an easy way out She's rolling round the town with a fast gun And I know I can't be there to catch her when she falls Well half way"
  • What's A Boy To Do - Mat Kearney
    "I'm sure that I'm moving to St Louis Three long years wondering here in New York City I guess I'm looking for the right way to do this I guess I'm looking for the right things to call pretty Young boys"
  • Renaissance - Mat Kearney
    "This is my renaissance This is my one response This is the way I say I love you This is my second chance This is my one romance This is the cutting line On which I stand to show you It happened fast in"
  • Tomorrow - Mat Kearney
    "I hear a voice crying out from the bellies of their mommas Hold on for today don't worry about tomorrow Though the rains of today seem to fall with sorrow Let me be and we'll see this life for tomorrow I"
  • Girl America - Mat Kearney
    "My girl America is just a youth in this world Her smile is more precious than the sparkle of pearls And though her age reads she's just a young girl The age behind her eyes show the pain that she's swirled Through"
  • Esse N?o Me Mata - Os 4 Mensageiros
    "Quero teu amor do jeito que ele foi Do jeito que ele , do jeito que ser Eu quero lhe amar Pelo amor de Deus No me digas no porque Esse no me mata Esse no me mata Esse no vai me matar Teu amor"
  • Bye Bye Mata ne - Berryz Kobo
    "mata aitai genki na kao de egao tte yuuki ga deru kara mata aitai yakusoku shita ne egao demo namidagao watashi desu heibon na watashi ni yasashikute junsui na watashi wo ouen shite kureru ByeBye kyou"

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