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  • Fick rap - Bushido
    "Kokain Kokain! Kokain! Yo! Fick Rap und ich fick den Rest der Welt. Fick auf Keep it real. yoa! Ich liebe Geld. Mit den Eiern bis zum Boden ficken wir auf Rap. King Orgasmus One, Sultan Hengzt, Sonny"
  • Gangsta Rap - Tha Dogg Pound
    "(Crooked I) Yeah, it's that untouchable gangsta Crooked in to I go I'm from a long lost tribe called "Fuck a Hoe" Come through in a new Chevy, droppin game like it's too heavy Well for you suckers that's"
  • Death Rap - Necro
    "Some death rap shit Word up Bump this Some evil shit Check it Fuckin faggot (Necro) It starts with your intestines and germs Next you're a cadaver infested with worms Man's destiny its best that he learns My"
  • Loosey's Rap - Rick James
    "(feat. Roxanne Shant) I know this chick, her name is Loosey She's a freaky thang, yeah He legs are long and her lips are juicy You ought to hear what friends have to say about Loosey's rap! I said,"
  • Rap Killers - Raekwon
    "The Vatican, underground academy Jazze Cuts, Skeezo, good looking (Yo, Kay what up, let's go baby) Nine silver Ferrari's, hard body Moving through the town, with brown on us Clowns don't love us, discussed"
  • Murder Rap - Above The Law
    "(Now I got a murder rap) (Cause a brother like me said, well...) Yo, Cold 187 They tryin to give you a murder rap And you ain't even like that Yo, serve these niggas, cause they deserve to get dissed (Yeah)"
  • Gangsta Rap - Scarface
    "(feat. Crooked I, Treach) (Verse 1 - Scarface) Now flip with a nigga, as we dip through the Dirty Four-tops, spin out and bent up to thirty I only ride for homies, 'cause hoes ain't worthy Never put a"
  • Rap bizness - Passi
    "Le but la rime du mois et le rap du mois Un style qui te scie, mon rap moi, Ma conscience et mes mots siamois Technique de bonhomme au role-pa a nique a sonne et c'est le mme combat C'est mon nouveau,"
  • Rap Idyllique - Claude Nougaro
    "Elle se promne dans la villeIl la suit car elle est belleElle dans la foule se faufileIl la poursuit de plus belleElle alors s'arrte pileIl lve les yeux au cielElle et il, il et elleElle lui dit : "C'est"
  • Rap Life - Tash
    "(feat. Raekwon the Chef) Uh, expensive things, diamond rings and things You know, rap life, rap life, say what, ah, uh Rap niggaz, we dippin individuals Some of us be frontin, some of us is really"

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