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acid drinkers

  • Acid nation - Collapsed System
    "An exploded nuclear power station,means no danger for the population.So, we don't need to care, we're living in anacid nation!When will it end? When will we be free?Is there a way to measure our pain?RefrainLies"
  • Acid Drops - Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia...
    "If I lie here, perfectly still, I can feel myself sinking into the mattress & the sounds from the room below - shattered drumbeats & voice upon voice - exist. The walls surrounding me grow highter - pressing"
  • Acid Food - Mogwai
    "what happened after the storm? was everyone ok? i tried to call again i think they've gone away we'll come back the other way (x4) i dreamt of an ice age today cold and white to see i walked for miles"
  • Acid bubble - Alice In Chains
    "You tried to kill me off Surprised I remain A scale tips impossible Afraid of my own name And I always paid attention to all the lines you crossed Forgive this imperfection it shows and know I am the child"
  • Acid Commercial - Country Joe McDonald
    "Hands up Charlie and-uh... Now if you're tired or a bit run down, Can't seem to getcha feet off the ground, Maybe you oughta try a little bit of L.S.D. Only if you want to Shake your head and rattle your"
  • Acid mover - T.Love
    "I can't listen to all your liesI can't find myself in your disguiseI can't talk to you by telephoneI don't want to see you in my homeBabe i think it's timeTo change your mind, babeIt's just enough i'd"
  • Acid Rain - Pierrot
    "hi, izuru kuni yori asahi wo abi bakudan gawari ni mezameru nari kimi wo daite koshi nukasu you na shouten no gishiki he haribote no kami ga hakari ni kaketa seigi to aku ni odorasarete koroshiatte itsumade"
  • Acid theatre - The Kovenant
    "Liquid phantom fields of motion For those who cannot see the future Like masked sands of deception The wave of the future foundation Green fields of euphoria A disfigured replica of paradise A distant"
  • Acid Rain - Riverside
    "Part I. Where Are We Now? I’m your lie I am your pretending I’m the cause of your shame and anger I’m your crime Swept under the carpet Your vanity With all consequences Living a distorted day Distorted"
  • Acid Dreams - Max
    "you look so good in that night gown girl freckles on your face left me kiss each one fingers in your waist let me tip toe up your spine, yeah you keep it low key whit your natural curls up in outer space"

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