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  • Golden age - Initial D
    "Brand new space cyberspaceWe can fly through the time we are young and free you and mePerfect face cyber raceWe can be "V.I.P." and rich flaming son of a bitchDon't stop don't stop we reach the topWide"
  • Information Age - Institute
    "There's been delays Murders of emotions Distractions in waves Stunted elevations Huh? Can't seem to find a way out Huh? Can't seem to find a way out Huh? Can't seem to think for yourself Huh? Can't seem"
  • Golden Age - Midnight Oil
    "All the screens are filled with heroes and losers but the sky's still filled with stars this junky palace might be on fire til the winners lose desire let it go let it go. So tell me what you see"
  • Long Ago - Adam Sandler
    "It all seemed so long ago Young and happy don't you know Down by the creek I would show Fireflies to that girl But that was back when he was nice Before my warm heart turned to ice My sister's wig once"
  • Burning Age - Full Blown Chaos
    "Another day of breathing Acrid and thick, I inhale Feel it burn inside When will the smoke clear Seems like its been forever Seen only death and disease With every breath I'm dying See my fate in from"
  • Another Age - Phil Ochs
    "Tuning: One semitone lower than standard Intro: Am- F G Am- F G Am E Am E Am There's a man walking round the island with a snake cane Am "
  • Robot Age - Slime
    "You're working like an asshole to get a little money Your wife is working with you to make your life funny But soon you get a letter, your boss is very sorry You have to pay the cost, your job is gone"
  • Golden Age - TV On The Radio
    "Heartbeats soundin' Ricocheting in their cage Thought I'd lose my balance With the ground's bounce and sway And all this violence And all this goes away And the vibes that rise like Fireflies illuminate"
  • Dark Age - Atanatos
    "The land is torn apart by discord. Wars and epidemics demand their victims. A smell of decay covers the world, the rising veil of death is everywhere. Helpless fathers, despairing mothers, all they live"
  • Golden Age - Kreator
    "Let me take you down Deeper than you know Reality is gone Yet so much left to show Let me take you down Let us look inside There's still so much to come It's time to say goodbye Broken dreams Misery replaced"

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