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alban albanski

  • Ich Will Alles - Judith Holofernes
    "Neulich nahm mich wer zur Seite und sagte "Ich mach mir Sorgen." "Ich glaub du hast keine Moral oder nur sehr verborgen." Weiter sagte er noch ich sei mehr als unbescheiden Ich msste zweifelsohne unter"
  • La Fuga In Fa - Folkabbestia
    "Via! Alban era il cantore di Tirana, giovane vate, nel petto aveva il fuoco. Pensava che nella patria dei poeti, sarebbe certo migliorato in prosodia. Quando bagnato tocco le amate sponde, trov ad attenderlo"
  • Four Saints - Boo Radleys
    "Leaves everywhere outside your house running after you cos you walk too fast And we can't find a cab looks like the Northern line again Remember that time outside your room playing with the cat just me"
  • Donal Agus Morag - Altan
    "Bh móran daoine uasal ann Bh tuatanaigh na h-Alban ann Bh 'n maistir scoile 'san ministir ann Bh an laoch Mac Amhlaigh ann Curf: Dónal, 'se Dónal 'Se Dónal a rinne an bhainis Dónal"
  • La Ferme - Les Fatals Picards
    "Bonjour les enfants, c l'ami emi avec vous et nous allons faire une chanson qui s'appelle La ferme : d'abord , il y a Hector le castor et Edouard le canard et Jos le sanglier et charlotte la marmotte et"
  • Paese + Intro - Akhenaton
    "Beaucoup d'gens nous dtestent, ils voudraient tre comme nous Reconnaissons que dans l'monde y'en a peu classe comme nous les ritals,o j'viens d'la o parler avec les mains c'est vital Ou on te recoud"
  • Tag Mig Tilbage - Nik & Jay
    "Tilbage i dagene hang vi altid ud p bymidten Der var intet at lave, men der var altid ild i den For forstadslivet var en privat fest og Scor en ts, sl dig ls videre til den nste Med ghettoblaster og Everlast"
  • Black Fonzirelliz - Heltah Skeltah
    "[22 seconds of skit before lyrics] Aiyyo I'm Sean Price, I'm six foot one Dark skinned, stocky build, with a big gun Six sons on the ones with the lump sums Stick guns, get funds, make your chick run My"
  • The Ballad Of Young Alban And Amandy - Eastmountainsouth
    "the sun had gone down o'er the hills in the west its last beam had faded o'er the mountain crest amandy was there.. friendless and forlorn with her face bathed in blood and her garments all torn oh,"
  • Away From Home - Dr Alban
    "Hey, baby, Come here! Chorus: I can feel it comin, Its comin after me Its trapped in my soul, and it wont let me free I can see it in the night, in a vision of life Oh, what could it be comin after me? Check"

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