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alien alien

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alien alien
  • Henry Rollins Alien Blueprint
    "You reached out You got burned Made tough by the lessons you learned You never thought they could be so mean Be so hard and cause you so much pain Like a fool You tired again You really wanted to be their"
  • Trocadero Alien Champion
    "Quelques questions... D'o viens tu? Mari? Domicile? Pas de domicile? Everybody will want words from you And you're the one who couldn't talk They will want promises from you That you will and you will"
  • Make Up Your Mind Alien Existence
    "If Aliens existed, would we be able to communicate at all. And if they're really out there, they should be smart to ignore us when we call. It looks like we're not happy, with the way we live and what"
  • Pagan's Mind Alien Kamikaze
    "3, 2, 1, COMMENCE! I see through spec of terrorvision Await my turn, prepare countdown Massive loaded battery stations Enigmatic cycles, A.I. Wildfire Nightsky raging, engines burning I come alive, The"
  • Kalisia Alien Choice
    "Signals coming from the sky Once again deciphered Spaceships detected nearby Floating right there over the Earth The Arkens are sent down here on Earth To raise, and educate mankind Cybion succeeded its"
  • Far Too Jones Alien Playground
    "This skin it fits me well See how it's bronzed by this yellow sun The taste, the touch, and the smell It's easier when no one here lives long enough to bore me I know somewhere out there She's calling"
  • Fireside Alien Bzzing
    "You are always on my mind Whenever im away And i hope you think about me Allmost everyday Because what you are to me No one else will ever be Can i get it back Did they know it all along Can i make anything Out"
  • Garbage Alien Sex Fiend
    "You're an alien sex fiend You're an alien sex fiend You're an alien sex fiend You're an alien sex fiend You're an alien sex fiend You're an alien sex fiend You're an alien sex fiend You're an alien sex"
  • Guano Apes 360? Alien Drop
    "Oh Lords of the Boards Lords of The Boards oh, oh I've got the snowboard under my feet I can fly so high, i can fall so deep But who do i see comin' up track A little green man with the snowboard on his"
  • The Androids She's An Alien
    "She finds it hard to be the positive one Under her rock she feels quite safe Hangin' out with her can sometimes be fun But other times I'm in a state of shock We make up but not much later I'm stung"

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