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alone again-allysia reid

  • Never Alone Again - Gates Of Ishtar
    "View my secrets, crawl inside, taste and feel all my pain Stand beside me all for one, never leave me again Help me find the truth beyond, words buried by dust Open up the slanderer's den, tear and slaughter"
  • Alone again blues - Ian Matthews
    "She slipped out of the door in her traveling shoes Got a man on her mind, not a minute to lose She's so well intentioned, but hardly a clue And she just can't shake these alone again blues Just the night"
  • Alone Again, Naturally - Vonda Shepard
    "To think that only yesterday I was cheerful, bright and gay Looking forward to who wouldn't do The role I was about to play But as if to knock me down, reality came around And without so much, as a mere"
  • Alone Again (Naturally) - Nina Simone
    "Nina Simone, Gilbert O'Sullivan I remember this afternoon When my sister came into the room She refused to say how my father was But I knew he'd be dying soon. And I was oh so glad, and it was"
  • He's Alone Again Tonight - Porter Wagoner
    "I know a man that lives all alone he must not have a friend in the world For each night I hear him a walkin' the floor as he calls out the name of a girl He's alone again tonight I can hear him a walkin'"
  • Never Be Alone Again - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Crowe) I couldn't be anything near, I couldn't be anything close to you. You engender in me fear, Fear you don't believe that my heart is true I'll never be alone again, That you loved me, makes"
  • Alone Tonight - Genesis
    "(Mike Rutherford) There's nothing here that I can understand And no one cares I'm a lonely man I touch your face and I don't know why I call your name but you're going by Now I'm alone again. I have"
  • Not Alone - All That Remains
    "No more are the days that I will Fear for I have found a strength that None can match and I'll push forward Never has the blood in my viens Flowed so fiercely as when i feel this around me I am whole"
  • Alone - Fame - Fame Factory
    "Laying alone Hearing your voice from the pouring rain Missing your touch Will it never ever be the same again? Would I be through to you? Should I belong to you? I'm holding on It's all because of you Walking"
  • Cool Alone - MIYO
    "I must to say I was fine alone There was no one left for me tho8ught I was safe guess I shouldn’t know you would come eventually every time I close my eyes all these feeling rush in memories flooding through"

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