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  • Deep Rooted Anger - Armored Saint
    "Before all else, better get yourself armed yeah Watch as they gravitate to your irresistable charm Yeah - irresistable, irresistable Who is going to guard the guards themselves If you always lay down"
  • Never In Anger - Rainer Maria
    "my name is jean briggs, it's 1964, and language leaves me. cold and quiet, it's punishment for trying to stand on your side. eat snowflakes, fall down on thousands of layers old. see sometimes"
  • White hot anger - Raven
    "I just got tired of that same old jobtired of fighting that freeway mobI bet you never thought I'd really goI'd never get as far as MexicoI've even learned to speak the language somedown on the beach drinking"
  • Fistful of anger - U.D.O.
    "Terror from the towerPanic in the streetsA gun full of surprisesThe special of the weekThe wailing of the sirensMultiple alarmsThe screaming of the bullhornsGod bless the right to armThe finger on the"
  • Perkele - Voice Of Anger - Perkele
    "So much anger, so much pain, so much confusion in the peoples minds. Voice of anger, voice of anger on the streets tonight. Voice of anger, voice of anger on the streets tonight. Voice of anger, voice"
  • Anger, Hate and Destruction - Exciter
    "Trapped inside this prison cell You make life a living hell I've always gave for you I can't believe what you put me through Violent destruction comes over you Thoughts of suicide it's nothing new I"
  • Look Back In Anger - Television Personalities
    "I said some things I shouldn't have said Should have kept them to myself instead I was wrong, I admit I was wrong I'm very sorry when I look back at you I was wrong, I made you cry But isn't that what"
  • Look Back In Anger - David Bowie
    ""You know who I am," he said The speaker was an angel He coughed and shook his crumpled wings Closed his eyes and moved his lips "It's time we should be going" (Waiting so long, I've been waiting so,"
  • The Anger Of Death - Advent
    "I plead for men to hear This declaration from my soul I pray they turn their ears to true life Casting the anger of death aside The life of sacrifice met with such hostility Even to death, but raised up"
  • From Anger And Rage - Verse
    "Clenched fist I'm in a rage I can't control my anger now The more they lie to us The more I want to bring them down Everywhere we turn We're being told how we should be I feel like I'm being forced into"

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