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arms are

  • In Your Arms - Von Hertzen Brothers
    "three worlds for you and me yesterday, today and the morrow the first one is gone it's gone for good and the third one will choose whether to follow that leaves us today today is the day when the hearts"
  • In Her Arms - Foxes
    "I’ve been dreaming over, I’ve been dreaming over half the lies You’ve been looking at me, You’ve been looking at me eye to eye Take it easy, lift your feet up off the burning ground You exceeded, you"
  • Farewell To Arms - Cause And Effect
    "Cause And Effect Another Minute Farewell To Arms You cross the walls Cunning steps to safety Thoughts break your fall But have you looked around you lately Do not speak too soon Now the sun's the moon And"
  • Two Empty Arms - Connie Smith
    "The one that I love just walk right out on me The blues just stepped in to keep me company It's like a crazy breeze I just don't understand The way I let my future slip right through my hand Now I've got"
  • Babes In Arms - April Wine
    "(myles goodwyn) Published by goody two tunes, inc. - bmi You got your hands in my pockets You're whisperin' lies in my ear Such promiscuous intentions Don't mistake me for someone who cares There were"
  • In These Arms - Jon Bon Jovi
    "You want commitment Take a look into these eyes They burn with fire, yeah Until the end of time I would do anything I'd beg, I'd steal, I'd die To have you in these arms tonight Baby I want you like the"
  • Into your arms - The Maine
    "There was a new grl in town She had it all figured out (had it all figured out) Well I'll state something rash She had the most amazing... smile. I bet you didn't expect that She made me change my ways"
  • In My Arms - Plumb
    "your baby blues so full of wonder your curley cues your contagious smile and as i watch you start to grow up all I can do is hold you tight knowing clouds will raise up storms will race in but you will"
  • With Open Arms - Rachelle Ferrell
    "I heard that she hurt youshe broke your heart They said that you just broke down and cried (I couldn't believe it, boy) Cause you were the lover (Casanova) God's gift to this world And no one girl could"
  • Arms of love - Amy Grant
    "Lord I'm Really Glad You're Here.I Hope You Feel the Same When You See All My Fear,And How I Fail,I Fall Sometimes.It's Hard to Walk On Shifting Sand.I Miss the Rock, and Find There's Nowhere Left to Stand;I"

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