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  • Self Evaluation - Arthur
    "I'd like to tell ya What you want to hear I've made some changes In this past year It's so very simple yet I'm so confused My mind is so tired My body is bruised You don't know a thing if you're asking You"
  • Thought A Lot - Arthur
    "I've thought a lot about you About what you mean to me And where I'll be A couple of years from now I think I got my head straight And now I know for sure I want to know you more I am so happy yet so sad Cause"
  • Ashes Everywhere - Joseph Arthur
    "I'll be silent in my solitude Can't find my smile or my gratitude I'm afraid of what I might do 'Cause there's no me If there's no me and you I wish that i could open up your eyes To feel the sun that"
  • Chemical - Joseph Arthur
    "Taking my medicine Changing the way i am I don't know where i been But i was well behaved I don't know who you are Coming out of my scar Driving my crashing car That needs a coat of paint Chemical Up"
  • Cockroach - Joseph Arthur
    "You're putting poison here You're putting poison here And now you're a cockroach Crawling on bones Pretending your war Has already been won You never give anything To any human being Unless they Give"
  • Exhausted - Joseph Arthur
    "I never sleep I been awake for what feels like a year 'Cause when I dream My mind puts a face To each one of my fears I'm exhausted by my imagination I close my eyes But I could still see the pain on"
  • Eyes On My Back - Joseph Arthur
    "I wish i had Open eyes On my back So i could see My life Going past Seems when It's good Everything Goes to fast And when its gone You can never Get it back Try and take a picture Through a dirty window Try"
  • History - Joseph Arthur
    "You're the shaded sun You're daddy's broken gun You're the loneliest moon You are a butterfly dreaming about your cocoon You're the only sound when I am blind So I label you mine You're the house you"
  • In The Sun - Joseph Arthur
    "I picture you in the sun wondering what went wrong And falling down on your knees asking for sympathy And being caught in between all you wish for and all you seen And trying to find anything you can feel"
  • Invisible Hands - Joseph Arthur
    "There are things we cannot know Invisible hands which guide the show from up above And sometimes you are forced to go Far away and shut the door On the one you love Well I don't know now where you are Your"

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