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asaf turn

  • Turn Around - Jonny Lang
    "I was a young man in a hurry I didn't stop to think The next thing I knew I was in trouble - deep trouble Then I remember what aunt Linda used to tell me back in the day The words that she said are still"
  • Turn Into - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "I know, what I know, I know On the car ride down I hear it in my head real low Turn into The only thing I ever-- Turn into Hope I do Turn into you I know, what I know, I know That girl you found Keeps"
  • Turn around - Singella
    "I dance around All we but I can sad You must be and was happy Somehow it's scary thing I was and be... ...And dance! This that turn around... ...for you This that turn around... ...for anybody! This"
  • Turn Away - Maria McKee
    "Tell me words, said too much again You think I would learn by now And when I heard you, it just tears me all to bits You think I would learn by now All my labor is in vain But I'll beg just the same If"
  • Turn Back - Toto
    "Only the wind sang the words he could hear Born of the sand washed ashore on a tear Time wrote the lines on his face like a scroll Love is a loss to the man with no soul Run through the darkness he hears Turn"
  • Turn It - SupaRed
    "This is the way I'm dressed at home But in this world I do belong Can you imagine that I'm real I don't feel sorry, plain I feel Turn it into all that you're now and be true to yourself Turn it into all"
  • Turn Away - Shaaman
    "You touched yourself with fire Touching someone else Your well is dry, you cry out In search of more success You left your thoughts in darkness And one day they'll return Some other kind of lesson would"
  • Turn Right - Jonas Brothers
    "I could pick up all your tears throw em in your backseat leave without a second glance somehow i'm to blame for this never-ending racetrack you call life turn right into my arms turn right you won't be"
  • Turn Tables - TLC
    "I used to walk around like Nothing could happen to me Life is a gamble so I Should live life more carefully But all I know is that I Control my own destiny I used to look at others Instead of me blaming"
  • Turn Around - Steps
    "I lie awake in the dark of the night Lost without you Why didn't I try to put up a fight For your love My very soul was dying Why wasn't I crying (Chorus) Turn around, turn around Turn around don't"

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