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banshee kendra

  • Demonoid Phenomenon - Rob Zombie
    "Hell on Earth For What It's Worth Dead on Dreaming You started screaming The wizard of how The king of the now Cry like a banshee And die like you want me Violator Desecrator Turn around and meet the"
  • The passion of lovers - Bauhaus
    "She had nut painted arms that were hers to keep and in her fear she sought cracked pleasures the passion of lovers is for death said she and turned to feather and as i watched from underneath i came aware"
  • Shelter For An Evening - Walkabouts
    "Howling like a banshee in the middle of the night Don't you know it's me at your back door I'm wounded and scared with no place to go Won't you give me home for the night Shelter for an evening, shelter"
  • Shiney Shiney - The Adicts
    "shiney shiney shiney shiney shiney shiney being girls being molls rock and roll rocking horse kicking round the killer course party politics erotic egos getting kicks shiney shiney gasoline gasoline"
  • Red Apple Falls - Smog
    "The widow says It's hard to live With a man A man like me The widow says It's hard to live On the lonely version of love i give And i've seen the way her eyes light up When she looks at the man in a family"
  • Tea & Thorazine - Andrew Bird
    "I can tell by the way you take your infusion you've spent some time in a mental institution oh what a dream life would be if only... they let you keep your etch-a-sketch you laugh like a banshee gesticulate"
  • Ridin' With The Driver - Motorhead
    "Iron child out of Vulcans forge, metal scream and thrash Red steel in the driving wheel, hear the pistons clash Dragon breathin' big black smoke, howlin' up the tracks I'm ridin' on the Thunderchief,"
  • Nocturnal journal - GBH
    "Lying on my back, staring up to the sky,thunder black clouds, I hear a distant cry.Needle sharp start like diamonds on velvet,and the snail trail of a shooting comet.Everything I do - it all goes down,"
  • Tea And Thorazine - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    "Well, I can tell by the way you take your infusion You've spent some time in a mental institution What a dream, life would seem if only They let you keep your etch-a-sketch Eh, you laugh like a banshee,"
  • Left Hand Black - Danzig
    "kinda like a dog w/ seven pupils in its eye kinda like a madness that refuses to subside kinda like everything you want just w/in your grasp kinda like how a banshee-wail dances on a living heart i'm gonna"

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