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beyonce runnun

  • Get me bodied - Beyonce
    "9....4....8....1 B-Day Mission one, Ima put this on When he see me in this dress I'ma get me some Mission two, Gotta make that call Tell'em get the bottles poppin when they play my song Mission three Got"
  • New Shoes (Postcard) - Beyonce
    "Hey HoneyCat Got Ya TongueDon't Look So FunnyMr. Comedian Jokes On You AndYou Good At Bet So Where's My MoneyI Know You Bet That I'd Never Make MoveSo Whys The House EmptyLights Off By The End Of This"
  • Ya lo ves irreplaceable - Beyonce
    "Ya lo ves, ya lo ves, te olvid, olvid!Ya lo ves, ya lo ves, ya lo ves amor esta vez, te olvide!En el closet, en un rincon estan tus cosas, esto se acabo!Te juro que ya no te aguanto ms,no te quiero ya"
  • Yes - Beyonce
    "(refren)I said yes to your numberAnd yes to you dating meYes we can be together But you gotta wait for meThe first time I said no,It's like I never said yes( It's like I never say yes)I said yes we can"
  • After all is said and done - Beyonce
    "Here I am Looking in the mirror An open face, the pain erased Now the sky is clearer I can see the sun Now that all is, all is said and done, oh There you are Always strong when I need you You let me give"
  • Jail - Beyonce
    "I live my life to the fullest Party every chance I get Friday nights, the Spot is the place i hit Decked out, chestout Me and my girls roll up at the Spot like we own the world You should see the eyes"
  • Keep giving your love to me - Beyonce
    "Hey yo B This a good look right here, yeah Bad boy baby,uh Hey yo B I've been wanting to explain to you what it is that you do to me Got me open I am so in love with loving you Touching places no one else"
  • Gift from virgo - Beyonce
    "I wish i could look in your eyesAnd tell you how i feel Right now insideBaby i know that it's realSo real so real, so realHow i wish i could be with youHow i wish i wish i wish i could be with you right"
  • Green light - Beyonce
    "Give it to mama Give it give it Give it to mama mama (oh) Give it Give it to mama mama For some strange reason (huh) You done pleasin me like it's ok (Oh oh ooooh) Like a perm that's been left too long"
  • Have your way - Beyonce
    "I changed my life for you and all that you could do Is betray me, how could you play me You got me doing things I know I shouldn't do Am I crazy to live this way see I know I'm wrong, I'm shamed everyday"

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