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brendan perry

  • Against The Wall - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Goodrum, Landau) All of my life I've waited For someone like you And darling, forever someday That could be true But who would believe me From the middle of my hear, From the middle of my lonely Something's"
  • Forever Right Or Wrong (Love's Like A River) - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Dozier, Goodrum, Cuomo, Landau, Jackson, London) Didn't always have The best of times One would win, both would lose Tried to make believe the feelings gone Tried to make her into you Within my"
  • The Christmas Symphony - Perry Como
    "( Oooo, Oooo! ) The candle glow, the mistletoe, and the falling snow bring to me, the Christmas symphony! The balsam tree, the gifts I see, and the silent night bring to me, the Christmas symphony!"
  • Never Really Over - Katy Perry
    "it’s a place where you go to heal your heart and let go of any remnants of energy from older relationships a place of tranquility and synchronicity a place to unite through our broken hearts a place"
  • The Last Straw - Perry Como
    "Perry . . . Yes? What's the matter? Ah! With all the girls in the world I gotta get tangled up with an acrobat! What kinda crack is that? Well, listen . . . I gulped a little goldfish from"
  • Stand Up (Before It's Too Late) - Steve Perry
    "(Perry) Is this just a dream Livin' in a fantasy Surrendering our hope Never, never Teaching old mistakes Deep from in a memory Two is forever One stands apart Love's forgotten, the pain from the start Hate"
  • For The Love Of Strange Medicine - Steve Perry
    "(Perry) Somewhere in the inside All along the road Lady luck has fallen Now the truth unfolds Rolling dice remember What promises regret Helps me to remember Helps me to forget Some are believers Some"
  • Listen To Your Heart - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Taylor, Brewster, Lucas) You never listen, baby We were both together, naturally I was lovin' you baby, you were lovin' me Every word I said Every word is true I was on the inside, but he was"
  • Tuesday Heartache - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Taylor, Brewster, Lucas) After the lovin', after the evening Darlin' you're so deceiving, I know I don't believe it you've got the answer Darlin' it's soul disaster, I know Tuesday heartache Love"
  • Anyway - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Miner) Still I remember I'd like to say I'm sorry I'd like to make amends I'd close my eyes and tell the truth But where would I begin My story's far from simple I'm so afraid to show I never"

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