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bum kanikuly

  • I'm A Bum - Happy Campers
    "Sit around all day remote control glued to my hand Just waiting for a visit from Ed McMahon Oppourtunity is knockin but I can't open the door Cause I'm shit faced drunk passed out on the kitchen floor I'm"
  • A Railroad Bum - Jim Reeves
    "I used to be a railroad bum a living on the go I rode freights from Canada down to Mexico From sunny Cal to Minnesota where the rippling waters falls I never seemed to have a dime but I had myself a ball. Singing"
  • Bum Like You - Robyn
    "You're always up to no good Your fingers in my cookie jar You can have my checkbook, visa and my mastercard too Ain't no price to high for what you do You could be my dog I would push your bailbonds when"
  • Bum szaka laka - Maciej Maleńczuk
    "Szczęść boże panie redaktorze spędzam wakacje nad polskim morze zrezygnowałem z wakacji w Bułgarii brak tam katolickiego metalu nie będę przecież spędzać urlopu z dala od słów narodowego hip hopu jaka"
  • Billy The Bum - John Prine
    "Billy the bum lived by the thumb And sang of the hobo's delight He'd prove he could run Twice as fast as the sun By losing his shadow at night Now he loved every girl In this curly headed world But no"
  • Son Of Bum - Gourds
    "Expecting me to clean my house out Under my fridge I found the roach bug They were eating my potatoes They even got to raise a fambly It ain't no failing I just want 'em out I live in filth and now I"
  • Up Your Bum - Guttermouth
    "Worked all day go out get a pint tonight The mods show up on Camden gonna be a fight Oppression from society on my back Maggie you'll see Got no worries cause I got no quid In a neighborhood full of unfriendly"
  • The Bum Bum Song (Lonely Swedish) - Tom Green
    "My bum is on the rail Bum is on the rail Look at me my bum is on the rail! My bum is on the man Bum is on the man It's a lot of fun to put your bum on a man! My bum is on the step Bum is on the step Don't"
  • Tampa Bum Blues - Spitalfield
    "You're standing in line for attention That you're never gonna get. With all of the talent you have, You've never done much with it. All of your friends have been asking If you're alive and where you've"
  • Just a bum - Greg Brown
    "I saw a man, he's a well-dressed manHe had a tan from the YucatanHe had a car, he looked like a starI said, Hey, don't I know who you areBut when he glanced into my eyesI saw yes I saw was such a big surpriseHe"

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