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call pon dem

  • I like dem girlz - Lil'Jon
    "Its some hoes in this house Its some hoes in this house If you see them point them out If you see them point them out I like them hoes with them golds in they mouth That be them hoes from the motherfuckin"
  • Give Dem Some Way - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "1 Well then a nuff gettoh youths no have no place to go Live night and day roaming in the gettoh Nuff gettoh youths aint got no place of their own Give them some place that they can call their home 2 Well"
  • Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z - Eazy-E
    "(Verse 1) Aw shit, let's take a trip Just sit back and light a spliff to this and don't step On a funky-ass track jump back Strapped with a gat and a sack and a 7-8 flak Come clean, gangsta lean, I got"
  • Dem Ah Try Ah Ting - Sizzla
    "Well ah dis dis one go bless to mih see mih From the lowest of depths...ey! To the highest of heights Some ah dem ah crumble from dem hear Rasta voice--same way so we go A Babylon ah try ah ting"
  • Babylon A Use Dem Brain - Sizzla
    "(feat. Capleton) Ah more time you done know say Holy mount Zion that's where the foundation build Well traditionally you know say everything got to full before it spill Selasie I... Oh Lord Well"
  • Tell It To Dem Say - Black Rhino
    "A Rhyno (see it deh) (Mee say yeah) Anyweh yuh dis I I shall find yuh Some bwoy say dem bad A chat dem chat too much Dem claim say dem a gangsta But mi guess dem not so tuff When me rise up di calico And"
  • I like dem girlz (remix) - Lil' Jon
    "Uh-uh, Lil' Jon and them Eastside Boyz (Yeah) Chyna Whyte (Yeah, yeah), Dog (Yeah, yeah) For the remix baby It's some girls in this house It's some girls in this house If you see 'em point 'em out If"
  • Watch Di Gal Dem Roll - Sean Paul
    "Watch di gal dem roll Watch di gal dem roll Watch di gal dem roll Watch di watch di watch di gal dem roll Watch di gal dem roll Watch di gal dem roll Watch di gal dem roll All Ladies All ladies all ladies Watch"
  • Want Dem All (ft. Konshens) - Sean Paul
    "(Intro) (Sean Paul) I Want Dem All Gimmie The Gyal Dem Money All For Work It Gimme Dem All! Jump Up Up Up And Move You Body Di Di I Want Dem All! Gimmie The Gyal Dem Money All For Twerk It Gimme Dem All Jump"
  • We Like Dem Girls (Remix) - Silkk The Shocker
    "*Featuring Master P and Petey Pablo (Silkk The Shocker) Ya boy Shocker in the building heads remain anonymous he ain't gotta be obvoious ladies, if ya'll thirsty, drinks on me and you fake ballers, you"

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