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cheryl lynn
  • Loretta Lynn When Lonely Hits Your Heart
    "(Loretta Lynn) Here I am a doing things I said I'd never do But that's before my baby said we're through It was on that tragic day the hurtin' got its start That's how it is when lonely hits your heart I've"
  • Loretta Lynn If I Never Love Again (It'll Be Too Soon)
    "(Loretta Lynn - Teddy Wilburn) All the heartaches that I've known would fill the sea Oh I'm lonesome and you'll be callin' me yeah callin' me Oh mem'ries fill my little lonely room And if I never love"
  • Loretta Lynn I'm One Man's Woman
    "(Loretta Lynn - Peggy Sue Wells) You know that I love you my love made me your fool The way down deep inside I know you never will be true But I'll keep holdin' on for love just as long as I can I'm one"
  • Loretta Lynn Where Were You
    "(Loretta Lynn) (Where were you where were you) Where were you when you left my heart alone And the nights you didn't bother to come home Now you say my love's grown cold I guess it's true But when loneliness"
  • Loretta Lynn I Know How
    "(Loretta Lynn) Yeah I love him like he wants me to and I know how And it's my duty to know his moods when he gets moody Yeah I give him what he needs and that's why I'm his right now Yes I know I love"
  • Loretta Lynn I'm Dynamite
    "(Loretta Lynn) I know you see that don't touch sun all over me My pain is wet and you'll get hurt all over you I'm another man's woman to you I'm just bad news I'm dynamite so please don't light the fuse You"
  • Loretta Lynn Hundred Proof Heartache
    "(Loretta Lynn) I've got a hundred proof heartache and a case of the blues My baby's gone and left me I've lost all I can lose I've got a hundred proof heartache my world keeps turnin' round This hundred"
  • Loretta Lynn Only Time I Hurt
    "(Loretta Lynn) Now I know that I'll forget you cause I forgot you a while ago And when I thought of you just now only one tear drip down slow My mind is hard and twisted so and it hardly ever sleeks But"
  • Loretta Lynn Keep Your Change
    "(Loretta Lynn) You need a change of scenery that's all I ever heard And when you left and you said goodbye I never said a word You're back but I don't want you back to you that might seem strange But"
  • Loretta Lynn Where I Learned To Pray
    "(Loretta Lynn) In our little one room country school it's where I learned to pray A church without a steeple that's where I learned to pray Every Sunday morning about the hour of ten The door would open"

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