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childish gambino-

  • Closer To Coma - Videodrone
    "Have you seen my sanity? I seem to have left it at home I feel pushed up against the wall Like some Black Flag song Oh I try to wash it away Every day, a little closer, a little closer to hell Why"
  • Instructions On Building A Model Aiplane - Action Action
    "Fill the blank spots in, with childish gibberish What seems to be the we only will digress Can you figure it out, develope your moment Rejection is bliss, ignorance is almost And i need"
  • Love for sale - Kasia Kowalska
    "Love for sale, Appetizing young love for sale, Love that's fresh and still unspoiled, Love that's only slightly soiled, Love for sale! Who will buy? Who would like to sample our supply? Who's prepared"
  • Everybody Eat - Tom Lehrer
    "Everybody eat! Every niece and every nephew even if you're deaf you'll hear them digest Kiddie's by the dozen from local zoos Someone's second cousin but god knows whose Everybody feed For example there's"
  • Anchorless - Propaghandi
    "They called here to tell me that you're finally dying, through a veil of childish cries. Southern Manitoba prarire's pulling at the pant-leg of your bad disguise. So why were you so anchorless? A boat"
  • Blue Skies - Pocket Change
    "It's hard for me to trust you. It's hard for you to love me, the way I love you girl. She tells him that she loves him and she's only thinking of him. At least that's what she said last night. (Chorus:) True"
  • We're Not Blind - Squad Five-O
    "People ask me son what you gonna do with your life.Open up your eyes and leave your childish ways behind.I don't want to grow up, I swear I never will.Never gonna change me, never change the way I feel.What"
  • She Don't Love Me - Dean Strickland
    "She loves rainbows She loves butterflies She loves silver and turquois She loves getting high She loves flowers Flowers of all kinds She loves animals Pet rats are her favorite kind She'll love her friends Untill"
  • The White Eyed - Novembre
    "(SOLO - Carmelo) Nave blind eyes Childish white eyes The good Child of the evil The mother came to her daughter Giving her a bit of herself A bit of her madness A bit of her blackness How many were"
  • Anchorless - Propagandhi
    "They called here to tell me that you're finally dying, through a veil of childish cries. Southern Manitoba prairie's pulling at the pantleg of your bad disguise. So why were you so... Anchorless? A boat"

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