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Teksty piosenek (1675)

  • Millencolin Detox
    "She's saying, you're lost She thinks it's time for you to detox Too many tunes inside your head Why don't you fill it up with her instead She's not playing, but you are She wants romance but you want"
  • Donkey Punch Fucked Up For You
    "You're not here so I'll have another beer I'm all alone sipping on a fifth of Bacardi Limon I'm gonna get over you I know I will but I don't know how It'll go a lot quicker with a whole lot of liquor"
  • Vice Squad Allergy
    "Every day I wanna stay in bed 'Cause my life is such a mess Can't be bothered to get dressed So sick of my ugliness Constant cough and chronic wheeze Twenty-first century disease I just can't get no relief Allergy I"
  • Artrosis Si
    "Zabite anioly spia wiecznym snem Nigdy juz nie wstana by od zla chronic cie Zabite anioly spia wiecznym snem Gdy w twoich rekach ksiega sie otwiera Gdy twoja dlon ostatnia kruszy pieczec Zachód slonca"
  • Chad Mitchell Trio Alice Revisited
    "You've heard of the story Alice Told without any malice Alice is fond of Algernon And there's no wondering For Algy is quite a handsome lad A handsome lad, a handsome lad Except for one little thing His"
  • Ella Fitzgerald The Real American Folk Song
    "Near Barcelona, the peasant crooned The old traditional Spanish tunes The Neapolitan street song sighs You think of Italian skys Each nation has a creative vein Originating a native strain With folk songs"
  • Monstrosity Imperial Doom
    "A burning grave of undying pain Habitual process of conquering doom This path of tortures is travelled slow Victims of chronic afflictions are ruined Living and dying is one in the same Their flesh is"
  • Satanic Surfers Who Prospers
    "It's this sort of entertainment that makes me feel like throwing up Like a chronic disease in it's final stage this crap is turning from bad to worse Extremes are normal when normality's so extreme But"
  • Sean Paul Weak Inna Di Knees
    "Wi mek dem gal a getta Wi mek dem gal a getta Wi mek dem gal a getta CHORUS Weak inna di knees when di Dutty deyah pon it Cau wi booom it n bam it n mek dem reach a neks planet [?] inna di breeze, like"
  • The Game Let's Ride
    "aka as "Strip Club" / "Let's ride (Strip Club)" - dirty version /uncensored. (Verse 1) Pull the rag off the six-fo', Hit the switch, show niggas how the shit go, The Game is back, the Aftermath chain"

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