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  • Happy Death Day - GWAR
    "Happy anniversary, schools are short of funds This is what I say, give the kids more guns All of the classes are on how to kill If you don? teach them then someone else will Happy Death-Day to Columbine?Let?"
  • I Hate Love Songs - GWAR
    "I hate love songs and I hate lovers I hate everything that I can't have so I hate you I hate love songs and I hate lovers I hate everything that I can't have so I hate you I hate movies with happy endings Like"
  • I Love The Pigs - GWAR
    "We stand before the gates of Hell Smeared with filthy bacon smell Not all cops are pigs Some of them are dicks It is their duty to beat you... ...with a BIG F**KING STICK! I LOVE THE PIGS!!!! The cheap"
  • Jack The World - GWAR
    "Rid yourself of all the worthless crap in which you wallow, Here's an iron FIST!!! of death for you to swallow, Undead from Antarctia, the signals pumping free, C'mon lets wake the maggot up, it's"
  • You Can't Kill Terror - GWAR
    "You can destroy an army You can kill a man But you can't kill terror And terror is what I am Terror your servant as you sturggle to rule How can you kill terror when you use it as a tool So when you write"
  • Poor Ole Tom - GWAR
    "This is the story of Poor Ole Tom He wakes encrusted in vomit He sobs, his bowels release His face is painted like a clown His face contorts in agony ''(Poor Tom)'' Poor Ole Tom ''(Poor Tom)'' Poor"
  • Blimey - GWAR
    "Blimey At home we're bored Just got off another shitty tour Moat filled with flaming pus Sleazy he won't talk to us Fondle fish in way illegal Coffin filled with dirty needles Blimey, blimey Waddaya"
  • The Road Behind - GWAR
    "Well, I'm traveling down the road And I'm carrying that heavy load I stagger around in a stupor Sleazy, I cant do the show Hanging out backstage I'm in a homocidal rage I signed a million dollar contract I"
  • Jagermonsta - GWAR
    "If you look at it you'll get drunk Frothing mass of filthy chunk To kick the ass of punks like you Bloodshot eye and boiling spew Seeking ancient wisdom, drinking with the gods Where it came from"
  • Je M'appelle J. Cousteau - GWAR
    "I was there at the cattle fair Where lump fairies swear at glories far beyond the fabric that she wears He said 'do you want a chair?' I'd join him anywhere! A hole in ground in this theater I found J.C.'s"

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