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  • The Downtrodden Song - Denis Leary
    "They come over here and they take all our land They chop of our heads and they boil them in oil Our children are leaving and we have no heads We drink and we sing and we drink and we die We have no heads,"
  • Traditional Irish Folk Song - Denis Leary
    "I want you to get a gun And head on down to Washington I want you to climb up high High in the sky and shoot them all Th-th-they don't deserve to live What did they every give to you? Na na na na na You"
  • Voices In My Head - Denis Leary
    "TRAPPED BY A THING CALLED LOVE Denise Lasalle Somebody tell me what has this man got? He makes me feel what I don't wanna feel. Somebody tell me what has this man got? He makes me give what I don't wanna"
  • Beer - Denis Leary
    "Beer, same thing now. Who knew that beer-flavored beer would be a special order? You had this experience yet? Huh? You're walking around in a neighborhood you don't live in, but you've seen a million times"
  • Elvis And I - Denis Leary
    ""Tell the colonel he can kiss my ass. (sniffing) I smell bacon! ...the hell else is in the kitchen?" Elvis and I order Domino's pizza with extra cheese Suckin' down Formula 44D Elvis and I put on diapers"
  • F**k The Kennedys - Denis Leary
    ""Who set up Frank Gifford? The fucking Kennedys!" "No, no--" ...I had sex with Marilyn in my rocket ship Jack Kennedy, oh ho Mr. President "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can"
  • President Leary - Denis Leary
    "So, now you know why I can't be the president of the United States because... I would snap like this eighteen times a day. Right from the first get-go in the morning. "Mr. President..." "WHAT?! Get Air"
  • A Reading From The Book Of Apple - Denis Leary
    "(by Janeane Garofalo) Man, man, I didn't prepare a speech, and I'm sorry, but I'm glad that I didn't, because I'm not gonna do this like everybody else does it. Cause everybody that I should be thanking,"
  • Love Barge - Denis Leary
    "Love... Exciting and new Come aboard We're expecting you We're expecting you Love (love) Love (love) Life's sweetest reward But it floats It floats back to you It floats back to you Love (love, love) Love"
  • Insane Cowboy (In Africa) - Denis Leary
    "I have a meetin' with that nun today We're gonna talk about cock-blockin' with the reverend who's gay I pulled out my Beatle album collection and I melted it Cause I'm an Insane Cowboy Insane Cowboy in"

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