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deprche mode rush

  • Beast Mode - Akrobatik
    "feat. Mr. Lif If you brought your attitude in the spot, then GET IT OUT Ladies got your hair permed, you 'bout to SWEAT IT OUT Let's make it worth your dough, befo' you HEAD IT OUT Get live, LET IT OUT;"
  • The mode - Tribe After Tribe
    "See those people see them shaking hands, lord blood on horizons and love in their eyes, lord on sidewalks of strangers of violence and danger whooa they carry their weights and their backs are bent low"
  • Rush and rush - Air
    "Everybody, Come on!matomo janai uso janaikotoba janai kuchi dake janaikudaranai mou yume janaitada nani mo shinai de mayotte mitemoimi wa nai sa* Rush and Rush Rush and RushRush and Rush So dou korobu"
  • Hurry Up Mode - Buck-Tick
    "NIGHTLESS BABYLON Media o haori NIGHTLESS BABYLON Safety zone e niga konde NIGHTLESS BABYLON General kidori NIGHTLESS BABYLON Abnormal kamoshi dasu Lost in the night Out on the street Lost in the night Out"
  • Fame ? La Mode - Michel Polnareff
    "Fame a la mode Flashbulbs explode All the electronic circuits overload When you are the show, Then you know the show, Must go on. Hitting the road Salaries over I'm responsible for shouldering the load When"
  • Evolution Rush - Opus III
    "evolution rush evolution rush rush om namo narayanaya om namo narayanaya om namo narayanaya om namo narayanaya yeya yeeyeya yeya yeeyeya yeya yeeyeya yeya yeeyeya eyiyaya eyiyaya eyiyaya eyiyaya"
  • Don't Rush - Silk
    "(Intro) Do you like, Do you like, Do you like what you see. (x2) (Oooe) (Chorus) Don't rush, baby don't rush.(hey hey hey, Oo-eeey) Don't rush, baby don't rush.(hey hey hey, Oo-oo-ooeey) Don't rush,"
  • No Rush - Josh Turner
    "Darlin', it seems like the whole world's just turnin' so fast Everything's changin' and we're just tryin' to keep up But we've got something special here Something worth waitin' for Yeah, we're right on"
  • The Rush - Annihilator
    "Yea yea yea Take me, take me to the top of the world Please me, got to pick me up, I'm miserable Feeling, like nothing ever felt before Dealing, it's got me coming back for more Can't stop, you can't stop"
  • Rush Love - Flo rida ft Dawn Richard
    "Dawn Richard: Na na na na(repeat) You moving to fast You asking to much You cant rush love We only just meet Why you gott rush You cant rush love Its started always like benefit But get get a pain"

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