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don't panic! we're from poland ryszard tymon tyma������ski

  • Panic Attack - Finger Eleven
    "Thought I could fake this thing alright Thought it could somehow get me by Watching the doctors as they slide Needles into my eye Thought I could finally get around Laughable symptoms keep me down Faces"
  • Panic Song - Green Day
    "Ready for a cheap escape On the brink of self destruction Widespread panic Broken glass inside my head Bleeding down these thoughts of Anguish... mass confusion The world is a sick machine Breeding a"
  • Ski Jump Nose (live) - Mansun
    "I'm gonna sit on my own, maybe all alone I'm gonna lie on the couch, 'cos I won't go out She'll take it easy again, ending up in hell Just like the scum of the Earth, but I'll crash here first We're all"
  • We're here - Meat Puppets
    "the night is restless but no dream's in sight and the sounds have no beginnings or ends and that glow is not a light the walls turn into waterfalls with water made of thoughts that call, "it's not O.K."
  • We're Famous - Aesop Rock
    "I brought that genuine shit in '96 Before you knew the underground or independent existed I watched the whole scene straight jump on the dick After stepping to KCR lit and flexing my shit No gun talk,"
  • We're Back - DMX
    "(feat. Eve, Jadakiss) Ruff Ryders ("They're BAAAACK!") This is what you're tellin me, okay It all comes down to this huh? Okay This is what you fuckin tellin me? That this is it? Okay (GRRRRRRRRRR) How"
  • Don't Know Where We're Going - Gomez
    "The operation's on Moving forward Don't know where we're going But we're on our way So raise the alarm Moving forward We don't know where we're going We're going a long way So move away from home It's"
  • Panic Stricken - Leona Naess
    "Walking through a crowded mall when I was small And mama's hand led the way Then something caught my eye and I turned to look toward the shine And mama's hand would no longer wait I turned around and it"
  • Panic Attack - The Paddingtons
    "If you wanna die Go on and commit suicide You wanna live I know You gotta get em by the throat If you wanna die Go on, keep commiting suicide You wanna live don't you? Well I do too But you don't know,"
  • Monkey Panic - Orange Goblin
    "Don't feed the monkey, don't crack the whip Monkey's snappin' necks like a forest fire is snappin' sticks Don't fail to poison, don't fail to kill Monkey breaks those chains tonight You better head out"

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