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eleni papieżu pielgrzymie podkład

  • Blue Ribbon Eyes - Eleni Mandell
    "Blue Ribbon Eyes I wish I could be In North Carolina Lying under the trees You and me, baby Birds flying by Looking into your blue ribbon eyes Driving to Hamlet You said, matter of fact That you'd always"
  • Don't Lose My Trail - Eleni Mandell
    "New York City leaving behind out the window drive Pennsylvania stop for a bite it's raining Christmas lights west of Roanoke Village Motel green all around the clerk is wasted turn the heat up high open"
  • Alien Eye - Eleni Mandell
    "one alien eye broken over easy running slightly to the right Shirley has a secret sometime, someplace, somewhere blue, gray, trailing don't forget it bloody, bloody, bloody mess it's true wisecracking,"
  • Silverlake Babies - Eleni Mandell
    "we'll have Silverlake babies up from the reservoir hang by our fingers the fence that surrounds it under the night sky the lavender bright sky lonely and emptied of stars we'll saddle around to the clubs"
  • Too Bad About You - Eleni Mandell
    "too bad about you too bad about you too bad so tall and so smooth so wondrous, cad so far from the top of your head to the ground if you picked me up you could carry me around too bad too bad too bad i'm"
  • I'm Your Girl - Eleni Mandell
    "I'm your girl Step right up, boy You're the winner I know you've been going For a long, long time But I'll make you feel like a beginner The night will be our canopy We can walk down the street It don't"
  • Wishbone - Eleni Mandell
    "He's older than the hills, boys, winking the night away, Jack He's a punk, rat, cat guts, your tongue, my man your time is up No good, rotten, I told him get lost! For bragging 'bout the tricks that he"
  • Sylvia - Eleni Mandell
    "When the river runs wild And the big fish quarrel I know he will see me He calls me by name When the water is high That's where I will follow And I know he can see me He calls me by name Sylvia"
  • Tristeza - Eleni Mandell
    "Tristeza, Tristeza When will you marry Your wild and foot stomping To your smile, arbitrary? And over the threshold His child you will carry You may walk, he will drive We will ride Montessori She's a"
  • Meant to Be in Love - Eleni Mandell
    "We were meant to be lovers I know the truth Just one more kiss for me Another kiss for you We were meant to be strangers I'll never tell You may just look away But I know you so well I know my husband"

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