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erik gierg poranek

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erik gierg poranek
  • Erik Silvester Gloria Viktoria
    "Chor: Gloria Viktoria cheerio und hallejulia Es ist oft wie ein bser Traum was man so hrt das glaubt man kaum. Die Zeitung magst Du nicht mehr lesen berall Krisen und Devisen und Geld. Wie wollen uns"
  • Britt-Erik Bamses Saga
    "Bamse och Lille skutt hoppa ut i skogen D kom Skalman trampelitramp snubbla p en katt Bamse sa: Kom hit, kom hit kisselikisselikisselimiss s ska du f en kttbulle nr vi kommer fram Sen s sg dom farmors"
  • Erik Hassle Bump In The Road
    "We all must go through it sometime Youre not the first, you know You stick your head in the sunshine Dont expect the worst, though If a bird can sing with a broken wing Youll learn to bend when the wind"
  • Erik Hassle Don't Bring Flowers
    "I'm under pressure, be-gi-gi-ginning to overdrive. I'm a loose canon mmh, I will not make it out alive. See I'm wrapped around your finger, I'm digging in the dirt. I'm so deep into this shit I can taste"
  • Erik Hassle Hurtful
    "I used to laugh it off I used to look the other way I used to save them troubles for another day I kept my fingers crossed I used to never take the blame I'd pull a sunshine story in a pouring rain The"
  • Erik Segerstedt Bring My Baby Back
    "Take my cigarettes trash my guitar I'll do anything just to know where you are I'll write your name across the whole Chines wall Please pick up the phone, answer my call I know last night didn't turn"
  • Erik Segerstedt Everything Changes
    "Even though that I've just met you And we've only said hello I can tell that you are special Don't ask me how I know It may sounds strange, but to me it seems You were always here Living in my dreams"
  • Erik Segerstedt Freeway
    "Rubbing my eyes so I won't fall asleep From driving all night Wind in my hair, and no shoes on my feet No one else in sight I still think about your love sometimes The feeling I left behind And I"
  • Erik Segerstedt How Did We Change
    "We're running in circles And we're running out of breath A war of the roses That's how bad it gets See the heart of the matter is That this house just ain't a home Used to hold so much warm heartedness"
  • Erik Segerstedt I Can't Say I'm Sorry
    "Hey, baby tell me how do you do? It's been a while since I saw you Strange to been talking to you this way After everything that we've been through It makes me sad to make you see that not a single"

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